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MegaRAID Ultra

Series 428 - MegaRAID Ultra - 3 Fast-20 Channels
Up to 40 MB/s DTR per Channel
Supports Two External Channels
* Up to 128 MB Cache - Write Through or Write Back * RAID Levels 0, 1, 3, 5, 10, 30, & 50 * PCI Bus Master Burst DTR of 132 MB/s * MegaRAID "Power Console" GUI RAID Manager

Intel i960CA 32 bit RISC Processor @ 33 MHz
      PCI 2.1 Compliant
PCI Bus Master with Burst Data Transfer Rate
     of 132 MB/s
4, 8, 16, 32, 64 or 128 MB Cache
     using Two 72 pin Industry Standard SIMMs
          - Write Through or Write Back on a Logical Array Basis
          - Adaptive Read-Ahead
AMIBIOS® RAID Firmware on Flash EPROM
Non-volatile RAM Stores RAID Configuration
Tone Generator Provides Audible System Warnings
Full Length PCI Footprint (12.3" x 4.2")
Three Symbios Logic 53C770 (FAST-20) or 53C720 (Fast/Wide) SCSI Processors
Single Ended SCSI Bus with Active Termination
Automatic Termination Disable via Cable Detection
Three Different SCSI Connectors for Flexibility:
      - 68 pin Internal High Density for 16 bit Devices
      - 50 pin Internal Header for 8 bit Devices
      - 68 pin External Ultra High Density for Two Channels - Supports 8 or 16 bit Devices
(120 pin External Ultra High Density for 3 Channels- 3 Channel Fast/Wide Model Only)
Supports up to 15 Devices per Channel
RAID Levels 0, 1, 3, 4, 5, 10, 30 & 50 Supported
Supports up to Four MegaRAID Controllers per System
Supports Disconnect/Reconnect
Tagged Command Queuing
Supports Scatter/Gather
Multi-Threading of up to 256 Commands Simultaneously
Multiple Rebuilds and Consistency Checks with Transparent and User Definable Priority
Variable Stripe Size for All Logical Drives
Supports up to 6 Non-disk Drives per Adapter
MegaRAID Power Console GUI RAID Manager
     - User Friendly Graphical User Interface
     - Create and Manage Multiple Disk Arrays
     - Control and Monitor Multiple RAID Servers from Any Network Node or Remote Location
     - Client Server Strategy, Provides Error Statistics Logging and On-line Maintenance
Hot Key "Boot-Up" Configuration Through BIOS
Non-GUI RAID Manager also Available
MegaRAID General Alert Notification Module
     - Broadcasts Failure Alert Messages to Selected Users
     - Broadcasts Through Multiple Paths:
          ~ Pager
          ~ Program Execution
          ~ Audio Signal (.wav file)
          ~ Visual Icon
          ~ SNMP Trap
          ~ E-Mail
          ~ Native Log
Automatic Detection of Failed Drives
Automatic and Transparent Rebuild of Hot Spare Drives
Hot Swapping of New Drives without Bringing the System Down
Optional Module to Provide Battery Backed Cache
Support for OEM Storage Fault Bus
Support for SAF-TE Enclosure Management
Serial Communication Interface
Novell® NetWare® 3.1x and 4.x
      - HAM, DDFS and ASPI Driver
Windows NT Advanced Server 3.1 and 3.5/3.51
      - Miniport Driver
SCO® UNIX® SVR 4.2 and SCO® ODT® 3.0 & 5.0
      - MSCSI Driver
OS/2® 2.x and Warp 3.x
      - ADD Driver
UnixWare® 2.0/2.01
      - PDI Driver
DOS 5.0 and Above
      - ASPI Support


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