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Year 2000 / Millenium Compliance

"The Year 2000 Problem" is a phrase which is being used around the world to characterise a problem which is deceptively simple, but which has wide-ranging consequences. The heart of the problem is that many IT systems record dates using only 2 digits for the year - for example, 1984 is recorded as 84. This is satisfactory so long as all dates processed can be guaranteed to be in the same century, but as soon as dates beyond 31st December 1999 are encountered the natural sequence breaks down (is 00 greater than 99?) and also two digit years become ambiguous (does 84 represent 1984 or 2084?). This may cause some systems to malfunction. Other related " Year 2000 Problems " include the possible continued use of 20th Century calendars, and incorrect calculations of Leap Year days.

For the latest statement on Year 2000 compliance, please follow the Year 2000 link on the Mitsubishi Electric PC Division's home page at


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