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Adaptec AHA-1510 SCSI Controller (Rev 1.7.1)

The Adaptec AHA-1510 is a SCSI host adapter on half length ISA card based on Adaptec's AIC-6260 single chip SCSI controller. It is used in the XEN to control internal tape and CD-ROM drives. Two SCSI connectors are provided, an internal unshielded and an external shielded. Sockets for termination resistors are located by the internal SCSI connector.

The card does not include a BIOS, and supports programmed I/O only.



Four of the possible jumper positions are used to select the interrupt channel (9,10, 11 or 12). Only one of these four may be installed at any time. The factory default setting is IRQ11, in the XEN application the recommended setting is IRQ9.

I/O ports

The fifth jumper is used to select which sets of I/O ports the card uses. If the jumper is not installed (default) the card uses a block of 32 addresses starting at 340h, with the jumper installed the start address for the 32 port block is 140h.

SCSI termination

Three termination resistor pack sockets are located by the internal unshielded SCSI connector. In this application these termination resistors should be fitted, terminating the SCSI bus at the adapter. If you connect devices to both the internal and external SCSI connectors the termination resistors should be removed and the bus terminated at each end.


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