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Adaptec AHA-3940W Technical Specifications (Rev 1.9.1)

Computer Bus

PCI local-bus

Interface Protocol

Bus master DMA.

Host Bus Data Transfer Rate

Up to 133 Mbytes./sec burst rate.

SCSI Synchronous Data Rate

40 Mbytes/sec (20 Mbytes/sec per channel) Two channel Fast and Wide SCSI-2.

SCSI Asynchronous Data Rate

12 Mbytes/sec (6 Mbytes/sec per channel) Two channel Fast and Wide SCSI-2.

Device Protocol

16-bit Fast SCSI-2

Advanced SCSI Features

Advanced SCSI Programming Interface (ASPI) compliant.
Multitasking operating system support (through scatter/gather, disconnect/reconnect, tagged command queuing support).
Independant negotiation of high-speed data transfers (Fast, Wide, and synchronous) with each device.
Support for 255 simultaneous active SCSI commands per channel.

Electrical Drivers

Single-ended and active.
Each channel is programmable via SCSISelect.


32-bit, 33 MHz.
Single and dual-address cycles.
PCI local-bus address and data parity generation.

SCSI Channels

Two fully independant PCI SCSI channels bridged to system.
PCI bus

Device Support

Up to 7 devices per channel, under DOS 5.0.

I/O Operating System

Wndows NT, Windows for Workgroups, OS/2, NetWare, environment: UNIX (SCO®, UnixWare) Note: System BIOS support for PCI - PCI bridges required.

Physical Dimension

Length: 6.875 in
Width: 4.0 in

Environmental Ranges

Operating Temperature: 0 to 55 °C.
Humidity (operating): 10% to 95% non-condensing.

Power Requirements: Operating Voltage

+5V ±5% @ 2.0 Amps maximum.


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