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Dataflex PC Comms Office (Rev 1.10.1)



Data V.32bis 14400 bps
V.32 9600 bps
V.23 1200/75 bps
V.22bis 2400 bps
V.22 1200 bps
V.21 300 bps
Fax V.17 14400 bps
V.29 9600 bps FAX
V.27ter 4800 bps FAX
V.21 Channel-2


Windows 95 Plug and Play Compatible
Business Audio Voice Quality (12 bit 11 KHz sampled)
Full Duplex hands free speakerphone
V.32bis (14,400bps) Data Mode. (Plus: V.21, V.22, V.23, V.22bis, V.32)
Error Correction & Data Compression (V.42 & V.42bis)
V.17 (14,400bps) Group 3, EIA Compatible Fax Mode (Class II)
Speaker "OUT" port (For amplified and non-amplified speakers)
Runs without the need of a sound card
Multiple options to connect to multimedia sound devices
BABT approved to European EN41003 and EN60950 Safety Standards

Included Software

Discriminator for Voice, and fax detection
Speaker Phone with Phonebook Autodialer
Fax on demand service (Fax-back & Fax-forward)
Voice mailbox facilities
Re-direction of calls (Managed) pager support
Auto-dials from a comprehensive phone book

Problems in DOS and Windows 3.11 environments

Can't record or playback messages although the system is a multimedia type.
The PC Comms Office voice features work best with DMA3. Some soundcards use DMA3 leaving only DMA1 for the PC Comms Office. Select a different DMA for the sound card and adjust Cyberworks to use DMA3.

I need to Connect my Sound card and PC Comms Office so only one Mic and Speaker set are needed.
Refer to the diagram below for the connecting the PC Comms Office to a Sound card.

Problems in Windows 95 environments

The Windows 95 installation is perhaps the easiest environment to use the PC Comms Office in. When fitting the PC Comms Office for the first time, Windows 95 will detect it and announce it has found it. Simply follow the instructions on screen and place the first disk of the Cyberworks into the Floppy Drive.

More than one PC Comms Office is displayed in the Modem Properties Screen.
This happens when the PC Comms Office has either been installed, removed and installed again or changed. Simply delete all occurrences of the PC Comms Office from the Modem Properties Screen and start the installation again, this time clean.

Can't play back recorded greetings.
Again check for DMA3. Use the device manager to manually set the offending sound card to DMA1 and then set the PC Comms Office (in Cyberworks) to DMA3.

Known problems in Cyberworks. These might be fixed or altered in later releases.

Cannot dial from phonebook when in the Phone Centre. (Ver 1.0c)

Cyberworks Fax program cannot connect to a remote Fax.
This sometimes happens when the remote Fax machine is unable to negotiate a speed at or higher than the setting of the Minimum Speed connection in Cyberworks. It is recommended that the minimum speed is set to 2400bps.

How can I test the PC Comms Office.
Click Start - move to Settings - click on Control Panel - double click Modems - click on Diagnostics tab - select COM3 - click on More info... This will interrogate the Modem and test that it is a working item.

How can I test the PC Comms Office is responding to Cyberworks.
Use the Cyberworks - Modem Information - screen and interrogate the Modem (PC Comms Office). This will force the modem to produce a number of responses and identify the model.


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