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FT600 Pentium MMX Server (Spitfire)
Product Code Description
EA86319-0 FT600 5200MMX/32/3G/W95/E
EA86337-0 FT600 5200MMX/32/3G/W95/M
EA86337-1 FT600 5200MMX/32/3.2G/W95
EA86337-2 FT600 5200MMX/32/3.2G/W95
EA86337-3 FT600 5200MMX/32/3G/W95/M
EA86337-4 FT600 5200MMX:UK/32/3G/W9
EA86337-5 FT600 5200MMX/32/3.2G/W95
EA86337-6 FT600 5200MMX/32/3.2G/W95
EA86337-7 FT600d 5200MMX:UK/32/3G/W
EA86338-0 FT600 5200MMX/32/3.2G/W95
EA86338-1 FT600 5200MMX/32/3.2G/W95
EA86338-2 FT600 5200MMX/32/3.2G/W95
EA86338-3 FT600 5200MMX:UK/32/3G/W9
EA86338-4 FT600 5200MMX/32/3.2G/W95
EA86338-5 FT600 5200MMX/32/3.2G/W95
EA86338-6 FT600d 5200MMX:UK/32/3G/W
EA86438-0 FT600 5200MMX/32/3G/W95/M
EA86438-1 FT600 5200MMX/32/3G/NT4/M
EA86438-2 FT600 5200MMX/32/3G/NT4/M
EA86438-3 FT600 5200MMX/32/3G/NT4/M
EA86438-4 FT600 5200MMX:UK/32/3G/NT
EA86438-5 FT600 5200MMX/32/3.2G/NT4
EA86438-6 FT600d 5200MMX:UK/32/3G/N
EA86439-0 FT600 5200MMX/32/3G/W95/M
EA86439-1 FT600 5200MMX/32/3.2G/NT4
EA86439-2 FT600 5200MMX:UK/32/3G/NT
EA86439-3 FT600 5200MMX/32/3.2G/NT4
EA86439-4 FT600d 5200MMX:UK/32/3G/N
EA86780-0 FT600 5200MMX/GER/32/3G/G
EA86857-0 FT600 5200MMX/UK/32/3G/AW
EA87039-0 FT600 200MMX:GER/32/3G/W9
EA87039-1 FT600d 200MMX:GER/32/3G/W
EA87097-0 FT600 5200MMX/32/3Gb/AW95
EA87110-0 FT600 5200MMXDAN/32/3G/WN
EA87370-0 FT600 5200MMX/32/3.2G/AW9
EA87370-1 FT600d 5200MMX:UK/32/3G
EA87579-0 FT600d 5200MMX:GER/32/3G
EA87580-0 FT600d 5200MMX:GER/32/3G
EA87581-0 FT600d 5200MMX:GER/32/3G
EA87582-0 FT600d 5200MMX:GER/32/3G
EA87583-0 FT600d 5200MMX:GER/32/3G

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