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FT//ex Pentium (J3 Motherboard)
Product Code Description
UC77965 FTex 560:NA/16/CD/1G/DOS
UC77966 FTex560:NA/16/CD/1G/DOS
UC77982 FTex 590:EUR/16/CD/1G/DOS
UC77983 FTex590:EUR/16/CD/1G/DOS
UC78038 FTEX 560:EUR/16/1/0/DOS
UC78039 FTEX 560:EUR/16/1/CD/1G/D
UC78040 FTEX 590:EUR/16/1/0/DOS
UC78041 FTEX 560:EUR/16/1/0/DOS
UC78042 FTex 560:EUR/16/CD/1G/DOS
UC78043 FTEX 590:EUR/16/1/0/DOS
UC78044 FTEX 590:EUR/16/1/CD/1G/D
UC78047 FTEX 590:UK/80/CD/4X2G/DO
UC78069 FTex590:GER/16/1/0/GDOS
UC78091 FTex 560:EUR/16/1/DOS
UC78097 FTex 560:UK/16/1/DOS
UC78112 FTex 560:UK/32/1/DOS
UC78116 FTex560:UK/32/1G/DOS
UC78119 FTex560:UK/16/540/DOS
UC78121 FTex560:NA/32/CD/1G/1G/DO
UC78127 FTex590:GER/16/CD/1G/GDOS
UC78132 FTex 590:GER/16/1/GDOS
UC78140 FTex 590:NA/16/1/DOS
UC78169 FTex 560:UK/16/CD/2G/DOS
UC78170 FTex 590:UK/32/CD/1G/1G/1
UC78171 FTex 590:GER/16/CD/1G/DOS
UC78172 FTex 590:UK/32/CD/1G/DOS
UC78173 FTex 560:UK/16/CD/1G/DOS
UC78175 FTex 590:UK/32/CD/2G/DOS
UC78196 FTex 590:EUR/16/CD/DOS
UC78198 FTex 590:UK/16/CD/1G/DOS
UC78199 FTex590:EUR/64/CD/2x2G/DO
UC78200 FTex 590:UK/64/CD/2G/DOS
UC78203 FTex 560:UK/32/CD/1G/1G/D
UC78217 FTex 560:GER/16/1/GDOS
UC78218 FTex 590:GER/16/1/GDOS
UC78224 FTex 590:UK/48/CD/2G/DOS
UC78236 FTex 560:UK/24/CD/1G/DOS
UC78250 FTex 560:GER/16/CD/1G/GD
UC78267 FTex 560:UK/24/CD/540/DOS
UC78386 FTex 590:UK/32/CD/1G/1G/D
UC78387 FTex 590:UK/32/CD/2G/2G/D
UC78415 FTex 590:UK/32/CD/DOS
UC78430 FTex 590:UK/32/CD/2G/2G/2
UC78456 FTex 560:NA/16/CD/1G/DOS
UC78574 FTex 590:GER/16/CD/1G/DOS
UC78578 FTex 560:GER/16/1/DOS
UC78613 FTex 590:UK/48/CD/540/DOS
UC78615 FTex 590:UK/64/CD/1G/1G/1
UC78616 FTex 590:UK/64/CD/1G/1G/1
UC78641 FTex 590:UK/64/CD/2G/2G/D
UC78665 FTex 560:EUR/64/2x2G/DOS
UC78666 FTex 590:EUR/16/1/DOS
UC78670 FTex 560:UK/24/CD/2G/DOS
UC78704 FTex 590:UK/16/CD/DOS
UC78715 FTex 560:UK/32/CD/1G/1G/D
UC78728 FTex 590:GER/16/CD/1G/GDO
UC78753 FTex 590:UK/64/CD/2G/2G/D
UC78780 FTex 560:NA/16/CD/1G/DOS
UC78791 FTex 560:UK/16/CD/1G/DOS
UC78792 FTex 590:UK/16/CD/1G/DOS
UC78794 FTex 560:GER/16/CD/1G/GDO
UC78797 FTex 590:UK/16/CD/DOS
UC78799 FTex 560:UK/32/CD/1G/1G/D
UC78805 FTex 560:UK/24/CD/2G/DOS
UC78818 FTex 560:UK/64/CD/2G/2G/D
UC78822 FTex 560:UK/96/CD/2G/2G/2
UC78823 FTex 560:UK/64/CD/2G/2G/2
UC78837 FTex 590:UK/64/CD/1G/DOS
UC78838 FTex 560:UK/64/CD/1G/DOS
UC78839 FTex 590:DAN/16/CD/1G/DOS
UC78840 FTex 590:EUR/16/CD/1G/DOS
UC78841 FTex 560:UK/64/CD/2G/DOS
UC78842 FTex590:GER/128/CD/1G/GDO
UC78848 FTex 590:UK/48/CD/1G/2G/D
UC78849 FTex 590:UK/32/CD/2G/2G/D
UC78852 FTex 590:EUR/48/CD/DOS
UC78853 FTex 590:UK/32/CD/2G/2G/D
UC78855 FTex 590:EUR/64/CD/DOS
UC78856 FTex 590:UK/32/CD/1G/DOS
UC78857 FTex 560:UK/24/CD/2G/DOS
UC78858 FTex 590:UK/24/CD/2G/DOS
UC78859 FTex 560:UK/16/CD/2G/DOS
UC78860 FTex 560:UK/16/CD/1G/DOS
UC78868 FTex 590:UK/64/CD/2G/2G/2
UC78869 FTex 590:UK/32/CD/2G/2G/2
UC78881 FTex 560:EUR/16/1/DOS
UC78886 FTex 560:UK/64/CD/1G/DOS
UC78887 FTex 590:UK/32/CD/1G/DOS
UC78888 FTex 560:UK/16/CD/DOS
UC78890 FTex 560:UK/16/CD/1G/1G/D
UC78892 FTex 590:UK/16/CD/DOS
UC78893 FTex 590:UK/24/CD/1G/1G/1
UC78894 FTex 590:GER/32/CD/GDOS
UC78919 FTex 590:UK/32/CD/2G/DOS
UC78922 FTex 560:UK/16/CD/DOS
UC78923 FTex 590:UK/32/CD/DOS
UC78924 FTex 590:UK/32/CD/DOS
UC78929 FTex 560:UK/32/CD/2G/DOS
UC78930 FTex 560:UK/16/CD/2G/DOS
UC78950 FTex 590:UK/32/CD/2G/DOS
UC78952 FTex 590:UK/32/CD/DOS
UC78975 FTex 590:GER/16/1/GDOS
UC78976 FTex 590:GER/16/1/GDOS
UC78979 FTex 590:UK/16/CD/2G/2G/D
UC78985 FTex 560:UK/64/CD/2G/2G/2
UC78986 FTex 590:UK/64/CD/2G/2G/2
UC78995 FTex 590:UK/64/CD/DOS
UC78996 FTex 590:UK/32/CD/DOS
UC78997 FTex 560:UK/16/CD/DOS
UC79012 FTex 560:UK/32/CD/540/DOS
UC79013 FTex 590:UK/128/CD/DOS
UC79056 FTex 590:GER/32/1GB/CD/GD
UC79069 FTex 590:UK/64/CD/2G/DOS
UC79207 FTex 560:UK/96/CD/2G/DOS
UC79457 FTex 590:GER/16/1/CD/GDOS
UC79602 FTex 590:UK/32/CD/2G/2G/2
UC79603 FTex 590:UK/64/CD/2G/2G/2


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