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FT//ex 1000 Pentium (M5 Motherboard)
Product Code Description
UD78567 FTex 590:JAP/16/1G
UD78568 FTex 590:JAP/16/RE
UD78686 FTex 590:UK/40/CD/1G
UD78687 FTex 560:UK/40/CD/1G
UD78688 FTex 590:UK/40/CD/1G
UD78689 FTex 560:UK/40/1G
UD78690 FTex 560:UK/40/CD/1G/1G/1
UD78734 FTex 590:UK/40/1G
UD78735 FTex 560:UK/40/1G
UD78736 FTex 590:UK/40/CD/1G
UD78737 FTex 560:UK/40/1G
UD78738 FTex 560:UK/40/1G/1G/1G/1
UD78809 FTex 590:JAP/16/1G/RE
UD78880 FTex 590:UK/64/CD/2GX5
UD78962 FTex 560:UK/16/CD/RE/DOS
UD78963 FTex 560:UK/16/CD/DOS
UD78983 FTex 590:GER/32/1G/CD/GDO
UD79009 FTex 560:UK/16/1G/CD/DOS
UD79010 FTex 590:UK/32/1G/CD/DOS
UD79011 FTex 590:UK/32/3X1G/RAID
UD79015 FTex 590:UK/64/CD/DOS
UD79016 FTex 560:UK/16/CD/DOS
UD79017 FTex 590:UK/64/CD/DOS
UD79018 FTex 590:UK/16/CD/DOS
UD79019 FTex 590:UK/64/CD/DOS
UD79020 FTex 560:UK/96/CD/DOS
UD79021 FTex 560:UK/64/CD/DOS
UD79022 FTex 560:UK/16/CD/DOS
UD79023 FTex 590:UK/32/CD/DOS
UD79026 FTex 560:UK/32/CD/DOS
UD79027 FTex 590:GER/16/1/GDOS
UD79028 FTex 560:GER/16/CD/1G/GDO
UD79030 FTex 590:UK/16/CD/DOS
UD79031 FTex 590:UK/32/CD/DOS
UD79032 FTex 560:UK/16/DOS
UD79033 FTex 560:UK/32/CD/DOS
UD79034 FTex 560:UK/16/CD/DOS
UD79035 FTex 560:UK/64/CD/DOS
UD79036 FTex 560:UK/24/CD/DOS
UD79037 FTex 590:UK/32/CD/DOS
UD79038 FTex 590:UK/16/CD/DOS
UD79039 FTex 590:UK/16/DOS
UD79040 FTex 560:UK/16/CD/DOS
UD79042 FTex 590:UK/16/CD/DOS
UD79043 FTex 560:UK/32/CD/DOS
UD79044 FTex 590:UK/64/CD/DOS
UD79045 FTex 560:UK/16/CD/DOS
UD79046 FTex 560:UK/32/CD/DOS
UD79053 FTex 560:UK/16/1GB/CD/DOS
UD79054 FTex 590:UK/32/1GB/CD/DOS
UD79055 FTex 590:UK/32/3x1GB/RAID
UD79057 FTex 590:UK/32/CD/DOS
UD79058 FTex 590:GER/32/1G/CD/GDO
UD79059 FTex 560:UK/32/CD/DOS
UD79060 FTex 590:UK/16/CD/DOS
UD79061 FTex 560:UK/32/CD/DOS
UD79066 FTex 590:UK/32/CD/RE/DOS
UD79067 FTex590:JAP/16/3x1Gb/RAID
UD79068 FTex 590:JAP/16/1Gb
UD79072 FTex 590:UK/32/CD/DOS
UD79073 FTex 590:UK/128/CD/DOS
UD79074 FTex 590:UK/128/CD/RE/DOS
UD79075 FTex 560:UK/16/CD/DOS
UD79076 FTex 590:UK/32/CD/DOS
UD79077 FTex 590:UK/48/CD/DOS
UD79079 FTex 560:UK/16/CD/DOS
UD79080 FTex 590:UK/32/CD/DOS
UD79081 FTex 590:UK/32/CD/DOS
UD79082 FTex 590:UK/32/CD/RE/DOS
UD79083 FTex 590:UK/32/CD/DOS
UD79091 FTex 590:UK/96/CD/DOS
UD79092 FTex 590:EUR/32/CD/1GB/DO
UD79093 FTex 590:UK/64/CD/DOS
UD79094 FTex 590:UK/64/CD/DOS
UD79095 FTex 590:THAI/32/1GB/CD/D
UD79098 FTex 590:UK/64/CD/DOS
UD79099 FTex 560:NA/16/1GB/CD/DOS
UD79100 FTex 560:UK/32/CD/DOS
UD79101 FTex 590:UK/64/CD/RE/DOS
UD79105 FTex 590:UK/128/CD/DOS
UD79106 FTex 590:UK/128/CD/DOS
UD79108 FTex 560:UK/32/CD/DOS
UD79111 FTex 560:UK/32/CD/DOS
UD79112 FTex 560:UK/16/CD/DOS
UD79113 FTex 590:UK/16/CD/DOS
UD79114 FTex 560:UK/32/CD/DOS
UD79121 FTex 590:UK/48/CD/DOS
UD79122 FTex 590:DAN/321Gb/CD/DOS
UD79123 FTex 590:UK/32/2GX4/CD
UD79125 FTex 560:UK/32/CD/DOS
UD79126 FTex 590:UK/16/CD/UPS/DOS
UD79127 FTex 590:UK/64/CD/UPS/DOS
UD79129 FTex 590:UK/64/CD/UPS/DOS
UD79130 FTex 590:UK/48/CD/DOS
UD79131 FTex 590:UK/96/CD/DOS
UD79132 FTex 590:UK/64/CD/DOS
UD79133 FTex 590:UK/64/CD/DOS
UD79134 FTex 560:UK/32/CD/DOS
UD79135 FTex 590:UK/16/CD/DOS
UD79137 FTex 590:UK/64/CD/UPS/DOS
UD79138 FTex 590:UK/64/CD/RE/DOS
UD79139 FTex 590:UK/32/CD/UPS/DOS
UD79140 FTex 590:UK/32/CD/RE/UPS/
UD79144 FTex 590:UK/32/CD/RE/UPS/
UD79146 FTex 590:UK/32/CD/RE/UPS/
UD79147 FTex 590:UK/32/CD/RE/DOS
UD79159 FTex 560:UK/96/CD/DOS
UD79160 FTex 590:DAN/32/1GB/CD/DO
UD79161 FTex 590:UK/16/CD/DOS
UD79162 FTex 560:UK/16/CD/UPS/DOS
UD79163 FTex 590:UK/32/CD/UPS/DOS
UD79164 FTex 590:UK/32/CD/RE/UPS/
UD79165 FTex 590:UK/32/CD/UPS/DOS
UD79166 FTex 560:UK/16/CD/DOS
UD79169 FTex 590:UK/48/CD/UPS/DOS
UD79170 FTex 590:UK/48/CD/UPS/DOS
UD79174 FTex 590:UK/64/CD/DOS
UD79175 FTex 560:UK/64/CD/DOS
UD79190 FTex 590:UK/64/CD/RE/UPS/
UD79196 FTex 590:UK/128/CD/DOS
UD79197 FTex 590:UK/32/CD/DOS
UD79198 FTex 590:UK/32/CD/DOS
UD79201 FTex 590:UK/128/CD/DOS
UD79203 FTex 590:UK/48/CD/DOS
UD79204 FTex 590:UK/64/CD/DOS
UD79205 FTex 590:UK/32/CD/RE/UPS/
UD79206 FTex 590:UK/32/CD/DOS
UD79208 FTex 560:UK/32/CD/UPS/DOS
UD79212 FTex 590:UK/64/CD/RE/DOS
UD79214 FTex 590:UK/48/CD/UPS/DOS
UD79216 FTex 590:UK/64/CD/DOS
UD79217 FTex 560:EUR/16/540/CD/DO
UD79220 FTex 590:UK/32/CD/UPS/DOS
UD79221 FTex 590:UK/80/CD/DOS
UD79224 FTex 560:DAN/32/CD/DOS
UD79225 FTex 590:UK/32/CD/DOS
UD79229 FTex 590:UK/32/CD/DOS
UD79230 FTex 590:UK/16/CD/DOS
UD79231 FTex 560:UK/48/CD/DOS
UD79232 FTex 590:UK/32/CD/DOS
UD79233 FTex 590:UK/128/CD/DOS
UD79234 FTex 590:UK/32/CD/UPS/DOS
UD79235 FTex 590:UK/48/CD/UPS/DOS
UD79237 FTex 590:EUR/16/CD/DOS
UD79243 FTex 590:UK/48/CD/DOS
UD79244 FTex 590:UK/48/CD/DOS
UD79245 FTex 560:UK/64/CD/DOS
UD79248 FTex 560:UK/16/CD/UPS/DOS
UD79249 FTex 560:UK/32/CD/UPS/DOS
UD79251 FTex 590:GER/128/540/CD/G
UD79252 FTex 590:EUR/128/540/CD/D
UD79253 FTex 560:UK/64/CD/UPS/DOS
UD79254 FTex 590:UK/96/CD/DOS
UD79255 FTex 590:UK/32/CD/DOS
UD79256 FTex 590:UK/32/CD/DOS
UD79322 FTex 560:UK/64/CD/UPS/DOS
UD79336 FTex 590:UK/64/CD/UPS/DOS
UD79340 FTex 590:UK/32/CD/UPS/DOS
UD79343 FTex 560:UK/16/CD/UPS/DOS
UD79345 FTex 560:UK/CD/DOS
UD79346 FTex 590:UK/CD/DOS
UD79349 FTex 560:UK/32/CD/UPS/DOS
UD79351 FTex 590:UK/64/CD/UPS/DOS
UD79352 FTex 560:UK/32/CD/DOS
UD79354 FTex 560:UK/16/CD/DOS
UD79360 FTex 590:UK/32/CD/UPS/DOS
UD79363 FTex 590:UK/128/CD/DOS
UD79368 FTex 590:UK/32/CD/DOS
UD79369 FTex 590:UK/16/CD/DOS
UD79371 FTex 590:UK/16/CD/DOS
UD79373 FTex 560:UK/16/CD/UPS/DOS
UD79374 FTex 590:UK/64/CD/UPS/DOS
UD79381 FTex590:EUR/32/1GB/CD/GDO
UD79382 FTex 560:UK/16/CD/DOS
UD79383 FTex 590:UK/32/CD/UPS/DOS
UD79384 FTex 560:UK/32/CD/DOS
UD79385 FTex 590:UK/16/CD/UPS/DOS
UD79400 FTex 590:UK/64/CD/UPS/DOS
UD79404 FTex 590:UK/32/CD/UPS/DOS
UD79405 FTex 590:DAN/32/1G/CD/DOS
UD79406 FTex 590:UK/80/CD/DOS
UD79407 FTex 560:UK/16/CD/UPS/DOS
UD79408 FTex 560:UK/32/CD/UPS/DOS
UD79409 FTex 590:UK/64/CD/DOS
UD79410 FTex 560:UK/32/CD/DOS
UD79411 FTex 590:UK/32/CD/DOS
UD79412 FTex 590:UK/64/CD/UPS/DOS
UD79414 FTex 560:UK/16/CD/UPS/DOS
UD79415 FTex 590:UK/16/CD/DOS
UD79416 FTex 590:UK/32/CD/DOS
UD79417 FTex 560:UK/16/CD/UPS/DOS
UD79418 FTex 560:UK/16/CD/UPS/DOS
UD79419 FTex 590:UK/16/CD/DOS
UD79420 FTex 590:UK/32/CD/DOS
UD79421 FTex 590:UK/64/CD/UPS/DOS
UD79422 FTex 590:UK/64/CD/DOS
UD79423 FTex 590:UK/32/CD/RE/UPS/
UD79424 FTex 560:UK/16/CD/DOS
UD79425 FTex 560:UK/16/CD/UPS/DOS
UD79426 FTex 590:UK/32/CD/UPS/DOS
UD79427 FTex 590:UK/32/CD/RE/UPS/
UD79428 FTex 590:UK/32/CD/RE/UPS/
UD79431 FTex 560:UK/16/CD/UPS/DOS
UD79433 FTex 560:UK/16/CD/UPS/DOS
UD79434 FTex 590:DAN/32/1GB/CD/DO
UD79435 FTex 560:UK/32/CD/UPS/DOS
UD79438 FTex 590:UK/16/CD/RE/DOS
UD79440 FTex 560:UK/32/CD/UPS/DOS
UD79441 FTex 590:UK/32/CD/DOS
UD79444 FTex 590:UK/64/CD/UPS/DOS
UD79445 FTex 590:EUR/32/1GB/CD/GD
UD79448 FTex 590:GER/64/1/CD/GDOS
UD79449 FTex 560:UK/32/CD/DOS
UD79450 FTex 560:GER/16/1/CD/GDOS
UD79451 FTex 560:DAN/16/CD/DOS
UD79453 FTex 560:DAN/16/1GB/CD/DO
UD79454 FTex 590:UK/32/CD/UPS/DOS
UD79458 FTex 590:UK/16/CD/UPS/DOS
UD79459 FTex 590:GER/16/1/CD/GDOS
UD79461 FTex 590:UK/64/CD/DOS
UD79462 FTex 560:UK/32/CD/DOS
UD79463 FTex 590:UK/64/CD/DOS
UD79464 FTex 560:UK/48/CD/UPS/DOS
UD79479 FTex 560:UK/32/CD/UPS/DOS
UD79481 FTex 590:UK/16/CD/UPS/DOS
UD79483 FTex 590:EUR/16/1GB/CD/DO
UD79485 FTex 590:UK/32/CD/UPS/DOS
UD79486 FTex 590:UK/64/CD/RE/UPS/
UD79488 FTex 590:UK/32/CD/DOS
UD79490 FTex 560:UK/32/CD/RE/DOS
UD79495 FTex 590:UK/48/CD/UPS/DOS
UD79497 FTex 590:EUR/48/5GB/CD/DO
UD79505 FTex 590:UK/48/CD/RE/DOS
UD79507 FTex 590:UK/16/CD/UPS/DOS
UD79508 FTex 590:UK/16/CD/UPS/DOS
UD79509 FTex 590:UK/32/CD/DOS
UD79510 FTex 590:UK/32/CD/RE/DOS
UD79511 FTex 590:UK/32/CD/UPS/DOS
UD79512 FTex 590:UK/64/CD/DOS
UD79517 FTex 590:UK/96/CD/RE/UPS/
UD79518 FTex 590:UK/64/CD/UPS/DOS
UD79519 FTex 590:UK/16/CD/RE/UPS/
UD79520 FTex 590:UK/64/CD/RE/DOS
UD79521 FTex 590:UK/64/CD/RE/UPS/
UD79527 FTex 590:UK/128/CD/RE/UPS
UD79530 FTex 560:UK/32/CD/UPS/DOS
UD79534 FTex 590:US/32/1Gb/CD/DOS
UD79535 FTex 590:US/80/2x5Gb/CD/D
UD79536 FTex 590:US/32/2x2Gb/CD/D
UD79554 FTex 590:UK/32/CD/RE/DOS
UD79555 FTex 590:UK/32/CD/RE/UPS/
UD79558 FTex 590:UK/64/CD/DOS
UD79564 FTex 560:UK/32/CD/RE/DOS
UD79581 FTex 590:UK/64/CD/RE/UPS/
UD79585 FTex 590:UK/32/CD/RE/UPS/
UD79587 FTex 590:GER/32/2x1Gb/CD
UD79590 FTex590:GER/32/5G/CD/R/GD
UD79593 FTex 590:GER/32/5x1Gb/CD/
UD79596 FTex 590:UK/16/CD/UPS/DOS
UD79597 FTex 590:UK/32/CD/UPS/DOS
UD79599 FTex 590:EUR/32/2Gb/CD/DO
UD79600 FTex 590:EUR/64/2Gb/CD/DO
UD79601 FTex 590:EUR/64/2Gb/CD/DO
UD79607 FTex 590:UK/16/CD/RE/DOS
UD79608 FTex 590:UK/16/CD/RE/DOS
UD79609 FTex 590:JAP/16/1G
UD79610 FTex 590:JAP/16/RAID/3X1G
UD79617 FTex 590:UK/16/CD/DOS
UD79618 FTex 590:UK/32/CD/RE/DOS
UD79619 FTex 590:UK/32/CD/RE/DOS
UD79622 FTex 590:UK/48/CD/DOS
UD79623 FTex 590:UK/64/CD/RE/UPS/
UD79624 FTex 590:UK/32/CD/RE/DOS
UD79625 FTex 590:UK/32/CD/UPS/DOS
UD79626 FTex 560:DAN/32/CD/DDS/DO
UD79632 FTex 590:GER/16/1Gb/CD/GD
UD79635 FTex 560:UK/16/CD/DOS
UD79636 FTex 560:UK/16/CD/UPS/DOS
UD79640 FTex 560:UK/16/CD/UPS/DOS
UD79641 FTex 590:UK/128/CD/DOS
UD79642 FTex 590:UK/16/CD/UPS/DOS
UD79647 FTex 560:UK/16/CD/DOS
UD79653 FTex 590:NA/64/2Gb/CD/DOS
UD79683 FTex 590:UK/32/CD/RE/UPS/
UD79685 FTex 590:UK/16/CD/DOS
UD79687 FTex 590:UK/64/CD/RE/UPS/
UD79694 FTex590:GER/32/2x1G/CD/GD
UD79695 FTex 590:EUR/32/CD/DOS
UD79696 FTex 590:UK/32/CD/DOS
UD79697 FTex 590:EUR/32/2GB/CD/DO
UD79708 FTex 560:UK/32/CD/DOS
UD79710 FTex 560:UK/16/CD/RE/DOS
UD79712 FTex 590:UK/32/CD/UPS/DOS
UD79723 FTex 560:UK/16/CD/DOS
UD79725 FTex 590:UK/32/CD/DOS
UD79726 FTex 590:UK/32/CD/DOS
UD79728 FTex 560:DAN/16/1GB/CD/DO
UD79729 FTex 590:DAN/32/1GB/CD/DO
UD79731 FTex 590:DAN/32/2.8/CD/DO
UD79732 FTex 560:DAN/16/2.8/CD/DO
UD79733 FTex 560:UK/32/CD/UPS/DOS
UD79742 FTex 590:UK/16/CD/DOS
UD79747 FTex 590:UK/16/CD/UPS/DOS
UD79748 FTex 590:UK/64/CD/UPS/DOS
UD79749 FTex 590:UK/64/CD/UPS/DOS
UD79750 FTex 560:UK/16/CD/DOS
UD79758 FTex 590:UK/16/CD/UPS/RE/
UD79759 FTex 590:UK/16/CD/RE/UPS/
UD79765 FTex 590:UK/64/CD/DOS
UD79769 FTex 590:UK/32/CD/UPS/DOS
UD79770 FTex 590:UK/32/CD/UPS/DOS
UD79771 FTex 560:UK/32/CD/DOS
UD79774 FTex 590:UK/128/CD/DOS
UD79776 FTex590:GER/32/2x2Gb/CD/G
UD79780 FTex 560:UK/16/CD/DOS
UD79781 FTex 590:THAI/16/CD/DOS
UD79782 FTex 560:UK/16/CD/UPS/DOS
UD79783 FTex 590:UK/32/CD/UPS/DOS
UD79784 FTex 590:UK/64/CD/DOS
UD79787 FTex590EUR/32/2x2Gb/C/R/D
UD79788 FTex 590:EUR/16/1Gb/CD/DO
UD79795 FTex 590:UK/64/CD/UPS/DOS
UD79796 FTex 560:EUR/16/1GB/CD/DO
UD79802 FTex 560:UK/32/CD/UPS/DOS
UD79804 FTex 590:UK/32/CD/DOS
UD79808 FTex 590:UK/48/CD/UPS/DOS
UD79809 FTex 560:UK/32/CD/DOS
UD79810 FTex 590:UK/16/CD/DOS
UD79811 FTex 590:UK/64/CD/DOS
UD79812 FTex 590:UK/48/CD/DOS
UD79813 FTex 560:THAI/16/CD/DOS
UD79814 FTex 590:UK/48/CD/DOS
UD79815 FTex 560:UK/16/CD/RE/DOS
UD79818 FTex 590:UK/128/CD/RE/UPS
UD79820 FTex 590:UK/128/CD/RE/UPS
UD79821 FTex 590:UK/64/CD/RE/UPS/
UD79828 FTex 560:UK/32/CD/DOS
UD79829 FTex 590:DAN/16/CD/DOS
UD79840 FTex 590:UK/16/CD/DOS
UD79845 FTex 590:GER/48/540/CD/GD
UD79846 FTex 590:GER/32/1GB/CD/GD
UD79852 FTex 590:UK/128/CD/UPS/DO
UD79853 FTex 590:UK/128/CD/RE/DOS
UD79862 FTex 590:UK/16/CD/DOS
UD79866 FTex 590:UK/32/CD/DOS
UD79869 FTex 590:UK/32/CD/DOS
UD79872 FTex 590:UK/48/CD/DOS
UD79874 FTex 590:GER/32/1/CD/GDOS
UD79875 FTex 590:UK/64/CD/DOS
UD79876 FTex 590:UK/64/CD/DOS
UD79877 FTex 560:UK/48/CD/RE/UPS/
UD79878 FTex 560:UK/48/CD/UPS/DOS
UD79880 FTex 590:UK/32/CD/DOS
UD79881 FTex 590:UK/16/CD/DOS
UD79882 FTex 590:UK/64/CD/RE/UPS/
UD79885 FTex 590:UK/16/CD/UPS/DOS
UD79896 FTex 590:GER/16/CD/DOS
UD79897 FTex 590:UK/64/CD/RE/UPS/
UD79901 FTex 560:UK/16/CD/DOS
UD79904 FTex590:GER/32/3x1G/C/R/G
UD79911 FTex 590:EUR/32/1GB/CD/D
UD79925 FTex 560:EUR/32/1GB/CD/DO
UD79926 FTex560:EUR/32/1G/2.8/C/D
UD79927 FTex 590:UK/64/CD/DOS
UD79930 FTex590:EUR/32/1G/2.8/CD
UD79933 FTex590:EUR/64/2Gb/CD/DOS
UD79934 FTex590:EUR/64/2x2Gb/CD/D
UD79937 FTex 590:EUR/64/5Gb/CD/DO
UD79939 FTex 590:EUR/32/2X1G/2.8
UD79942 FTex 590:UK/16/CD/RE/DOS
UD79943 FTex 590:UK/32/CD/DOS
UD79956 FTex 560:EUR/16/CD/1Gb/2D
UD79960 FTex 590:UK/64/CD/RE/UPS/
UD79961 FTex 590:UK/32/CD/UPS/DOS
UD79962 FTex 560:UK/32/CD/DOS
UD79963 FTex 590:UK/32/CD/RE/UPS/
UD79964 FTex 590:UK/64/CD/RE/UPS/
UD79966 FTex 590:UK/64/CD/DOS
UD79967 FTex 590:UK/64/CD/DOS
UD79968 FTex 560:UK/32/CD/DOS
UD79969 FTex 560:UK/64/CD/DOS
UD79970 FTex 590:UK/32/CD/DOS
UD79971 FTex 590:UK/32/CD/RE/DOS
UD79972 FTex 590:UK/64/CD/DOS
UD79974 FTex 590:UK/32/CD/RE/DOS
UD79978 FTex 590:UK/32/CD/DOS
UD79979 FTex 590:UK/32/CD/UPS/DOS
UD79983 FTex 590:UK/16/CD/UPS/DOS
UD79988 FTex 560:GER/16/1GB/CD/GD
UD79989 FTex 590:GER/32/2Gb/CD/GD
UD79990 FTex 590:GER/16/1/CD/GDOS
UD79993 FTex 560:UK/64/CD/DOS
UD79994 FTex 560:UK/16/CD/DOS
UD79996 FTex 590:UK/16/CD/RE/UPS/
UD79998 FTex 590:UK/16/CD/DOS
UD79999 FTex 560:UK/16/CD/UPS/DOS
UD80000 FTex 560:UK/96/CD/DOS
UD80001 FTex 590:DAN/32/2Gb/CD/DO
UD80002 FTex 590DAN/32/5x2G/CD/RE
UD80003 FTex 590:UK/32/CD/UPS/DOS
UD80004 FTex 590:UK/32/CD/RE/UPS/
UD80005 FTex 560:UK/32/CD/UPS/DOS
UD80006 FTex 590:UK/64/CD/RE/UPS/
UD80009 FTex 590:GER/64/2X1Gb/CD
UD80010 FTex 590GER/64/4x2Gb/CD/R
UD80012 FTex 590:UK/32/CD/UPS/DOS
UD80015 FTex 560:UK/32/CD/UPS/DOS
UD80016 FTex 590:UK/128/CD/RE/UPS
UD80018 FTex 590:GER/32/1Gb/CD/GD
UD80019 FTex 560:UK/64/CD/RE/UPS/
UD80021 FTex 590:UK/64/CD/UPS/DOS
UD80022 FTex 590:EUR/64/1Gb/CD/DO
UD80027 FTex 590:UK/48/CD/RE/DOS
UD80028 FTex 590:UK/64/CD/DOS
UD80029 FTex 590:UK/64/CD/UPS/DOS
UD80030 FTex 590:UK/96/CD/UPS/DOS
UD80033 FTex 590:UK/128/CD/DOS
UD80034 FTex 590:UK/64/CD/DOS
UD80036 FTex 590:UK/128/CD/RE/DOS
UD80037 FTex 590:UK/32/CD/RE/UPS/
UD80038 FTex590:EUR/32/2.8G/1G/CD
UD80039 FTex590:EUR/32/2x1G/D/C/D
UD80043 FTex 590:UK/48/CD/UPS/DOS
UD80044 FTex 590:UK/96/CD/DOS
UD80046 FTex 590:EUR/32/2G/D/CD/D
UD80053 FTex 590:UK/64/CD/DOS
UD80054 FTex590:EUR/96/5x1G/CD/DO
UD80055 FTex590EUR/96/5x1G/CD/R/D
UD80056 FTex 560:UK/16/CD/DOS
UD80062 FTex590:NA/32/5G/DD/CD/DO
UD80065 FTex 590:UK/32/CD/RE/DOS
UD80066 FTex 560:UK/32/CD/UPS/DOS
UD80068 FTex 590:UK/32/CD/DOS
UD80070 FTex 590:UK/32/CD/DOS
UD80071 FTex 590:UK/32/CD/RE/UPS/
UD80076 FTex 560:UK/32/CD/DOS
UD80079 FTex 560:UK/32/CD/DOS
UD80081 FTex 590:GER/16/1G/CD/GDO
UD80083 FTex590:GER/32/3x1G/CD/R/
UD80088 FTex 590:NA/32/1Gb/CD/DOS
UD80091 FTex 590:UK/64/CD/DOS
UD80096 FTex 590:EUR/32/1Gb/CD/TD
UD80097 FTex 590:EUR/32/1Gb/CD/DO
UD80098 FTex 560:EUR/16/2x540/CD
UD80102 FTex 560:UK/16/CD/DOS
UD80103 FTex 590:GER/16/2GB/CD/GD
UD80107 FTex 590:UK/16/CD/UPS/DOS
UD80108 FTex 560:UK/16/CD/UPS/DOS
UD80110 FTex 590:UK/32/CD/UPS/DOS
UD80112 FTex 560:UK/32/CD/RE/DOS
UD80115 FTex 590:DAN/16/1/O/CD/DO
UD80117 FTex 590:UK/16/CD/UPS/DOS
UD80120 FTex 590:UK/32/CD/UPS/DOS
UD80121 FTex 560:UK/16/CD/UPS/DOS
UD80122 FTex 560:UK/32/CD/DOS
UD80123 FTex 560:UK/64/CD/DOS
UD80125 FTex 590:UK/16/CD/RE/UPS/
UD80127 FTex 590:UK/64/CD/DOS
UD80133 FTex 590:UK/128/CD/RE/UPS
UD80134 FTex 560:UK/16/CD/DOS
UD80147 FTex 590:UK/64/CD/DOS
UD80191 FTex59OGER/128/6X5Gb/CD/R
UD80192 FTex 590:GER/32/CD/DOS
UD80193 FTex 590:GER/16/540/CD/GD
UD80197 FTex 590:DAN/32/1Gb/CD/DO
UD80203 FTex 590:UK/32/CD/UPS/DOS
UD80205 FTex 590:UK/96/CD/RE/DOS
UD80206 FTex 590:UK/16/CD/UPS/DOS
UD80207 FTex 590:UK/64/CD/RE/UPS/
UD80208 FTex 590:UK/64/CD/RE/UPS/
UD80221 FTex 590:UK/32/CD/DOS
UD80229 FTex 590:GER/64/1/CD/GDOS
UD80230 FTex 59OEUR/16/5Gb/CD/DOS
UD80232 FTex 590:UK/32/CD/UPS/DOS
UD80249 FTex 590:UK/16/CD/UPS/DOS
UD80250 FTex 590:UK/32/CD/UPS/DOS
UD80258 FTex 590:UK/64/CD/RE/UPS/
UD80261 FTex 560:UK/32/CD/UPS/DOS
UD80270 FTex 560:UK/32/CD/UPS/DOS
UD80305 FTex 590:UK/96/CD/UPS/DOS
UD80321 FTex 590:UK/16/CD/UPS/DOS
UD80323 FTex 590:UK/64/CD/DOS
UD80328 FTex 560:UK/64/CD/UPS/DOS
UD80331 FTex 590:UK/32/3x1Gb/CD/R
UD80335 FTex 590:UK/96/CD/DOS
UD80339 FT//ex 2590:UK/96/CD/RE/U
UD80340 FTex 590:UK/96/CD/RE/UPS/
UD80342 FTex 590:UK/48/CD/UPS/DOS
UD80343 FTex 590:UK/96/CD/UPS/DOS
UD80344 FTex560:EUR/16/1G/CD/TD/D
UD80345 FTex 590:UK/96/CD/UPS/DOS
UD80349 FTex 590:UK/16/CD/DOS
UD80350 FTex 590:UK/16/CD/UPS/DOS
UD80351 FTex 590:UK/64/CD/UPS/DOS
UD80356 FTex590GER/96/1G/CD/DDS/G
UD80372 FTex 590:UK/64/CD/UPS/DOS
UD80384 FTex590:EUR/32/2x2G/CD/DO
UD80386 FTex 590:UK/32/CD/DOS
UD80387 FTex 590:UK/32/CD/UPS/DOS
UD80398 FTex 590:UK/96/CD/DOS
UD80401 FTex590:GER/32/2x1G/CD/GD
UD80402 FTex 560:UK/32/CD/DOS
UD80403 FTex 590:UK/64/CD/DOS
UD80404 FTex 590:UK/64/CD/DOS
UD80431 FTex 590:UK/16/CD/DOS
UD80447 FTex 590:UK/32/CD/RE/UPS/
UD80458 FTex 590:UK/128/CD/UPS/DO
UD80463 FTex 590:UK/64/CD/DOS
UD80467 FTex 560:DAN/16/CD/DOS
UD80480 FTex 590:UK/32/CD/DOS
UD80485 FTex 590:UK/32/CD/RE/DOS
UD80524 FTex 590:UK/32/CD/UPS/DOS
UD80525 FTex 560:UK/32/CD/UPS/DOS
UD80540 FTex 590:UK/16/CD/UPS/DOS
UD80542 FTex 590:UK/64/CD/DOS
UD80543 FTex 590:UK/64/CD/UPS/DOS
UD80544 FTex 590:UK/64/CD/UPS/DOS
UD80545 FTex 590:UK/32/CD/UPS/DOS
UD80556 FTex 590:UK/16/CD/UPS/DOS
UD80557 FTex 590:UK/16/CD/UPS/DOS
UD80563 FTex 560:UK/16/CD/UPS/DOS
UD80573 FTex 590:UK/128/CD/DOS
UD80584 FTex590:GER/32/3x1G/C/R/G
UD80590 FTex 590:UK/32/CD/DOS
UD80591 FTex 560:UK/32/CD/RE/DOS
UD80592 FTex 560:UK/32/CD/UPS/DOS
UD80594 FTex 590:UK/16/CD/DOS
UD80599 FTex 560:UK/16/CD/DOS
UD80605 FTex 590:EUR/32/CD/2x1Gb
UD80606 FTex 590:EUR/32/CD/2x2Gb
UD80621 FTex 590:UK/64/CD/DOS
UD80641 FTex 590:UK/16/CD/UPS/DOS
UD80643 FTex 590:UK/32/CD/DOS
UD80667 FTex 590:UK/64/CD/UPS/DOS
UD80668 FTex 590:UK/64/CD/UPS/DOS
UD80670 FTex 590:UK/64/CD/DOS
UD80673 FTex 590:UK/32/CD/UPS/DOS
UD80674 FTex 590:UK/16/CD/UPS/DOS
UD80675 FTex 560:UK/32/CD/DOS
UD80704 FTex 590:UK/32/CD/DOS
UD80705 FTex 590:UK/32/CD/DOS
UD80706 FTex 560:UK/32/CD/UPS/DOS
UD80707 FTex 590:UK/32/CD/UPS/DOS
UD80713 FTex 590:UK/32/CD/DOS
UD80719 FTex 590:UK/64/CD/DOS
UD80726 FTex 590:UK/64/CD/RE/DOS
UD80730 FTex 590:UK/32/CD/RE/UPS/
UD80737 FTex 560:UK/32/CD/UPS/DOS
UD80740 FTex 590:UK/32/CD/DOS
UD80742 5120:JAP/32/CD/DOS
UD80743 5120:JAP/32/2G/CD
UD80744 5120:JAP/32/2G/CD
UD80745 5120:JAP/32/CD/RAID
UD80749 FTex 590:UK/32/CD/UPS/DOS
UD80751 FTex 560:UK/32/CD/DOS
UD80756 FTex 590:UK/16/CD/DOS
UD80770 FTex 560:UK/16/CD/UPS/DOS
UD80773 FTex 590:UK/32/CD/DOS
UD80780 FTex 590:UK/16/CD/UPS/DOS
UD80782 FTex 590:UK/64/CD/DOS
UD80783 FTex 590:UK/32/CD/UPS/DOS
UD80792 FTex 590:UK/32/CD/RE/UPS/
UD80795 FTex 590:GER/32/CD/1Gb/GD
UD80800 FTex 590:UK/64/CD/UPS/DOS
UD80801 FTex 590:UK/32/CD/UPS/DOS
UD80818 FTex 590:UK/32/CD/DOS
UD80820 FTex 590:UK/32/CD/RE/DOS
UD80837 FTex 590:GER/16/1G/CD/GDO
UD80839 FTex 590:UK/128/CD/RE/DOS
UD80844 FTex 590:UK/32/CD/DOS
UD80848 FTex 590:UK/32/CD/DOS
UD80849 FTex 560:UK/32/CD/DOS
UD80854 FTex 590:UK/64/CD/RE/DOS
UD80858 FTex 590:UK/32/CD/RE/UPS/
UD80859 FTex 590:UK/32/CD/UPS/DOS
UD80863 FTex 560:UK/32/CD/UPS/DOS
UD80864 FTex 590:UK/32/CD/DOS
UD80874 FTex 590:UK/64/CD/RE/DOS
UD80877 FTex 560:UK/32/CD/DOS
UD80882 FTex 590:DAN/32/1G/CD/DOS
UD80885 FTex 590:UK/64/CD/RE/UPS/
UD80894 FTex 560:UK/16/CD/DOS
UD80895 FTex 590:UK/32/CD/DOS
UD80902 FTex 590:UK/64/CD/DOS
UD80903 FTex 590:UK/32/CD/RE/UPS/
UD80907 FTex 590:UK/64/CD/DOS
UD80916 FTex 590:UK/16/CD/DOS
UD80935 FTex 590:UK/48/CD/DOS
UD80936 FTex 590:UK/48/CD/DOS
UD80955 FTex 590:UK/32/CD/DOS
UD80975 FTex 590:UK/16/CD/DOS
UD81002 FTex 590:UK/64/CD/UPS/DOS
UD81007 FT//ex 2590:UK/64/CD/DOS
UD81008 FTex 590:UK/64/CD/DOS
UD81013 FTex 560:UK/32/CD/DOS
UD81015 FTex 560:UK/32/CD/DOS
UD81025 FTex 590:UK/48/CD/RE/UPS/
UD81027 FTex 590:UK/16/CD/UPS/DOS
UD81032 FTex 590:UK/32/CD/RE/UPS/
UD81033 FTex 560:UK/16/CD/UPS/DOS
UD81089 FTex 590:UK/32/CD/UPS/DOS
UD81090 FTex 590:UK/32/CD/UPS/RE/
UD81092 FTex 590:UK/32/CD/RE/DOS
UD81093 FTex 560:UK/16/CD/DOS
UD81099 FTex 590:GER/64/2G/CD/GDO
UD81101 FTex 590:UK/64/CD/RE/DOS
UD81102 FTex 590:UK/32/CD/UPS/DOS
UD81113 FTex 590:UK/32/CD/DOS
UD81158 FTex 560:UK/32/CD/UPS/DOS
UD81171 FTex 590:UK/64/CD/UPS/DOS
UD81195 FTex 590:UK/32/CD/UPS/DOS
UD81203 FTex 590:UK/32/CD/DOS
UD81212 FTex 590:UK/64/CD/RE/DOS
UD81213 FTex 590:UK/64/CD/RE/UPS/
UD81215 FTex 560:UK/16/CD/UPS/DOS
UD81236 FTex 560:UK/32/CD/UPS/DOS
UD81237 FTex 560:UK/16/CD/DOS
UD81249 FTex 560:UK/16/CD/UPS/DOS
UD81261 FT//ex 2590:UK/48/CD/RE/U
UD81275 FTex 560:UK/16/CD/DOS
UD81276 FTex 590:UK/32/CD/RE/DOS
UD81280 FTex 590:UK/32/CD/UPS/DOS
UD81285 FTex 560:UK/32/CD/UPS/DOS
UD81286 FTex 560:UK/32/CD/DOS
UD81295 FTex1000 590:DAN/32/1x5G
UD81296 FTex 590:UK/16/CD/DOS
UD81297 FTex 590:UK/64/CD/DOS
UD81298 FTex 560:UK/32/CD/DOS
UD81299 FTex 590:UK/64/CD/UPS/DOS
UD81300 FTex 590:UK/32/CD/UPS/DOS
UD81301 FTex 590:UK/64/CD/RE/UPS/
UD81302 FTex 560:UK/16/CD/UPS/DOS
UD81303 FTex 590:UK/32/CD/UPS/DOS
UD81304 FTex 560:UK/32/CD/UPS/DOS
UD81306 FTex 590:THAI/32/1G/CD/DO
UD81323 FTex 590:EUR/32/1G/C/TD/D
UD81328 FTex 560:UK/32/CD/RE/DOS
UD81361 FTex 590:UK/32/CD/DOS
UD81362 FT//ex 2590:UK/16/CD/UPS/
UD81400 FTex 590:UK/32/CD/DOS
UD81401 FTex 590:UK/32/CD/UPS/DOS
UD81430 FTex 590:UK/32/CD/DOS
UD81434 FTex 590:UK/32/CD/UPS/DOS
UD81436 FTex 590:UK/16/CD/UPS/DOS
UD81437 FTex 590:UK/32/CD/UPS/DOS
UD81440 FTex 590:UK/32/CD/UPS/DOS
UD81443 FTex1000 590:EUR/16/1Gb
UD81491 FTex 590:UK/16/CD/DOS
UD81492 FTex 590:UK/32/CD/DOS
UD81495 FTex 590:UK/32/CD/RE/DOS
UD81498 FTex 590:GER/16/2x1G/CD/G
UD81508 FTex 590:UK/32/CD/UPS/DOS
UD81549 FTex 590:GER/32/1/O/GDOS
UD81566 FTex 560:UK/16/CD/UPS/DOS
UD81579 FTex 590:UK/32/CD/UPS/DOS
UD81601 FTex1000 590:GER/32/2x1G/
UD81617 FT//ex 2590:UK/32/CD/UPS/
UD81618 FTex 590:UK/64/CD/RE/UPS/
UD81620 FTex 590:UK/128/CD/RE/DOS
UD81622 FTex 560:UK/64/CD/UPS/DOS
UD81644 FTex 560:UK/16/CD/DOS
UD81650 FTex 590:UK/32/CD/DOS
UD81651 FTex 590:UK/32/CD/DOS
UD81652 FTex 590:UK/32/CD/DOS
UD81655 FTex 590:UK/48/CD/UPS/DOS
UD81656 FTex 590:UK/48/CD/UPS/DOS
UD81680 FTex 590:UK/64/CD/RE/DOS
UD81686 FTex 590:UK/32/CD/RE/DOS
UD81705 FTex 590:UK/32/CD/UPS/DOS
UD81739 FTex 590:UK/32/CD/DOS
UD81772 FTex 560:UK/32/CD/DOS
UD81776 FT//ex 2590:UK/32/CD/UPS/
UD81777 FTex 590:UK/32/CD/UPS/DOS
UD81793 FTex 590:UK/16/CD/DOS
UD81795 FTex 590:UK/16/CD/DOS
UD81796 FTex 590:UK/16/CD/UPS/DOS
UD81797 FTex 590:UK/64/CD/DOS
UD81798 FTex 590:UK/32/CD/DOS
UD81802 FTex 590:UK/64/CD/UPS/DOS
UD81803 FTEX 5120:JAP/32/2GBAR/CD
UD81817 FTex 560:UK/16/CD/DOS
UD81824 FTex 590:UK/32/CD/UPS/DOS
UD81825 FTex 590:UK/32/CD/UPS/DOS
UD81832 FT//ex 2590:UK/32/CD/UPS/
UD81841 FTex 590:UK/64/CD/UPS/DOS
UD81848 FTex 590:UK/32/CD/UPS/DOS
UD81850 5120:JAP/32/CD
UD81865 FTex 590:UK/16/CD/DOS
UD81867 FTex 590:UK/16/CD/UPS/DOS
UD81872 FTex 590:UK/16/CD/UPS/DOS
UD81873 FTex 590:UK/48/CD/UPS/DOS
UD81876 FTex 590:UK/64/CD/DOS
UD81887 FTex 590:UK/32/CD/RE/DOS
UD81888 FTEX 5120:JAP/32/CD/RE
UD81889 FTex 590:UK/64/CD/DOS
UD81914 FTex 590:UK/64/CD/UPS/DOS
UD81947 FTex 590:UK/80/CD/UPS/DOS
UD81960 FT//ex 2590:UK/16/CD/DOS
UD81962 FTex 590:UK/16/CD/DOS
UD81965 FTex 590:UK/48/CD/DOS
UD81997 FTex 590:UK/32/CD/UPS/DOS
UD81999 FTex 590:UK/64/CD/DOS
UD82004 FTex 590:UK/48/CD/UPS/DOS
UD82016 FTex 590:UK/32/CD/UPS/DOS
UD82017 FTex 590:UK/32/CD/UPS/DOS
UD82018 FTex 590:UK/32/CD/DOS
UD82021 FTex 590:UK/48/CD/DOS
UD82022 FTex 590:UK/64/CD/DOS
UD82023 FTex 590:UK/16/CD/UPS/DOS
UD82025 FTex 590:UK/64/CD/DOS
UD82026 FT//ex 2590:UK/64/CD/DOS
UD82040 FTex 590:UK/32/CD/UPS/DOS
UD82041 FTex 590:UK/48/CD/DOS
UD82043 FTex 590:UK/128/CD/DOS
UD82062 FTex 590:UK/16/CD/DOS
UD82071 FTex 560:UK/32/CD/UPS/DOS
UD82072 FTex 560:UK/32/CD/UPS/DOS
UD82074 FTex 590:UK/32/CD/UPS/DOS
UD82077 FTex 590:UK/32/CD/UPS/DOS
UD82083 FTex 590:UK/32/CD/UPS/DOS
UD82093 FTex 590:UK/32/CD/UPS/DOS
UD82126 FTex 590:UK/32/CD/DOS
UD82160 FTex 560:UK/32/CD/UPS/DOS
UD82167 FTex 590:UK/32/CD/UPS/DOS
UD82170 FTex 590:UK/16/CD/UPS/DOS
UD82182 FTex 590:UK/32/CD/DOS
UD82198 FTex 590:UK/32/CD/DOS
UD82201 FTex 590:UK/32/CD/UPS/DOS
UD82202 FTex 590:UK/32/CD/UPS/DOS
UD82211 FTex 590:UK/64/CD/UPS/DOS
UD82220 FTex 590:UK/16/CD/UPS/DOS
UD82227 FTex 590:UK/16/CD/UPS/DOS
UD82240 FTex 590:UK/32/CD/UPS/DOS
UD82255 FTex 590:UK/16/CD/UPS/DOS
UD82261 FTex 590:UK/32/CD/UPS/DOS
UD82291 FTex 590:UK/32/CD/DOS
UD82295 FTex 590:UK/32/CD/DOS
UD82316 FTex 590:UK/48/CD/DOS
UD82394 5150:JAP/32/CD
UD82395 5150:JAP/32/CD/RE
UD82865 5150:JAP/32/2G/CD/KBD/
UD82869 5150:JAP/32/RA/CD/RE
UD82891 5120:JAP/32/RA/CD/RE


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