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Product Identification...

Which model of Apricot have you got?

This section is intended to help you identify precisely which computer you have. Your computer will have a generic model name which appears on the front of the system unit, for example, LS500. However, as we improve and develop these generic models, important changes may be made during the lifetime of the model. The most significant change is probably when we introduce a new type of motherboard. (The motherboard is the large, main board in the computer which has on it virtually all the main electronics, the processor, the memory, the ports, the connections for the disks, etc.).

In many cases, a later motherboard will have features which are different or additional to the previous version and the technical information, etc. will therefore also be different. Because of this, it is essential to know precisely which model of Apricot computer you have so that you don't start reading the wrong documentation!

System Model Numbers

Quite separate from the generic model name, such as MS540 for example, all Apricot computers are identified by a model number and a serial number which are printed on a label that is usually situated on the back of the system unit. Notebooks and some early systems have the label on the bottom of the system unit. Make sure you look at the label on the system unit and not the back of the monitor - the model and serial numbers on the back of the monitor refer to the monitor itself.

The model number consists of two alphabetic characters followed by a series of numbers. These first two alphabetic characters, known as the product code prefix, indicate which type of motherboard your computer contains. For example, you might have an MS540 with a product code prefix of either 'MT' or 'MM', as shown in the example on the left.

As you look through the documentation available on Insight you will find constant reference to these product codes. Before you look for a particular item, make sure you know the two-letter product code prefix as shown on the label on your computer - that way you won't find yourself looking at the wrong information.

A List of Models by Product Code Prefix is provided - this is a list of product code prefixes and the Apricot models to which they refer.

Now you're ready to go...

So, now you've found the product code details of the computer you want information on, use the navigation menu at the left of your screen to see what information is available.

Please also refer to our site disclaimer.

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