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FT1200 'Crinkle' DK440LX ROM BIOS History (Rev 1.17)

Release Date Changes

P/N 162236SW
03/09/97 This is the initial release of the 'Crinkle' DK440LX BIOS for test purposes. It includes the following features:
  • Added option in setup to allow control of SCSI channel B low byte termination.
  • Removed option for controlling the PCI IRQ router from setup.
  • Enabled correct programming of the chipset registers when ECC is enabled.
  • Correction of NT warm boot problem.
  • Correction of possible network driver installation and operation issues.

P/N 162236SW
07/10/97 Changes since last release:
  • Fixed problem with the system hanging when booting with SCSI and LAN disabled.
  • Display BIOS ID without time/date for production BIOS.
  • Fixed problem with PnP BIOS function calls from 32-bit protected mode operating systems.

P/N 162236SW
14/10/97 Changes since last release:
  • Includes five language support (US English, French, German, Italian and Spanish) without the need to flash in separately.
  • Added support for detection of next generation Pentium II processors.

P/N 162236SW
14/11/97 This release is functionally unchanged from the previous Beta, 1C.

P/N 162236SW
18/12/97 Changes since last release:
  • Added support for 3Mode floppies.
  • Fixed issue of inability to install 3Mode driver 1024fxd.exe if no media is inserted in the drive.
  • Added a setup option to enable/disable the execution of the embedded PXE support. The option "Embedded PXE Support:" is added to the Advanced Peripheral Configuration menu. Selecting "Enabled" allows the embedded PXE option ROM to be executed for all onboard/add-in Intel EtherExpressTM PRO/100B LAN Adapters. Selecting "Disabled" prevents the execution of the embedded PXE option ROM for onboard/add-in Intel EtherExpressTM PRO/100B LAN Adapters. This allows LSA boot to be disabled, without completely disabling the onboard EtherExpress PRO/100B LAN adapter.
  • Added an option to enable/disable the L2 Cache ECC support.
  • Turn on the power LED earlier.
  • Changes FAN Mux monitor default to the REAR Chassis fan.
  • Initialise ECC memory after video is available.
  • Fixed issue with system not booting when both LAN and SCSI are disabled.
  • Fixed issue of system not booting without a video card.
  • Fixed PC97 APM 1.2 test issue with reporting Resume on Modem Ring not supported.
  • Fixed keyclick functionality.
  • Fixed intermittent crash when scanning an option ROM greater than 64K Bytes.
  • AddedHard Drive pre-delay for improving compatibilty with some hard drives and CD-ROM drives.
  • Fixed issue which caused intermittent failures with Int 13h function41h (Check Extensions Present).
  • Improved handling of LS-120 on Windows boot.
  • Added legacy USB support.
  • Enable USB legacy during POST, and disable before Int 19h if disabled in setup.
  • Fixed issue with invalid PCI memory or I/O requires not being roperly rejected.
  • Added support for ECC event logging.
  • Changed DMI type 4 structure for processor upgrade to "SLOT 1".
  • Fixed issue with APM 1.2 HCT failing because Resume on Timer from STANDBY is not supported.
  • Fixed issue with Wake on Modem header always waking the system.
  • Fixed issue where IRQ 14 or IRQ 15 were not properly freed when IDE channel(s) are disabled in setup.
  • Added "Dual" in POST messages before processor ID to indicate when two processors are installed.
  • Fixed issue of no beep codes when VGA card is not installed.
  • Fixed Wake on External Modem Ring functionality.


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