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FT1400 (N440BX motherboard) - Motherboard Jumpers

FT1400 jumper locations


Jumper Block
Pins (default bold) What it does at system reset
A BMC forced update mode
9-10, Normal System boots normally
10-11 Program System tries to update BMC firmware.
B Chassis intrusion detection
5-6, Enable Switch installed on chassis indicates when cover has been removed.
6-7, Disable Chassis intrusion switch is bypassed.
C FRB timer enable
1-2, Enable FRB operation is enabled (system boots from processor 1 if processor 0 fails).
2-3, Disable FRB is disabled.
D Boot block write protect
13-14, Protect BIOS boot block is write-protected.
14-15, Erase/Program BIOS boot block is erasable and programmable.
E Recovery boot
9-10, Normal System attempts to boot using the BIOS stored in flash memory.
10-11, Recovery BIOS attempts a recovery boot, loading BIOS code from a floppy diskette into the flash device. This is typically used when the BIOS code has been corrupted.
F Password clear
5-6, Protect Maintains the current system password
6-7, Erase Clears the password
G CMOS clear
1-2, Protect Preserves the contents of NVRAM.
2-3, Erase Replaces the contents of NVRAM with the manufacturing default settings.
H BMC boot block write protect
1-2, Protect BMC boot block is write protected.
2-3, Erase/Program BMC boot block is erasable and programmable.
I WOL enable
1-2, Disabled Disables Wake On LAN. If your power supply does not provie 0.8A of +5V Standby current, you must move the WOL enable jumper to this position.
2-3, Enabled Enables Wake On LAN



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