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FT1400 (N440BX motherboard) - Motherboard Components

FT1400 N440BX Motherboard


Item Description Item Description
A Secondary processor connector Q System fan connector (fan 2)
B Primary processor connector R Server monitor module (SMM) connector
C Processor Heatsink fan connectors S Narrow SCSI connector
D Auxillary power connector T Wide SCSI connector
E ATX power connector U Memory sockets for four DIMMs
F Floppy drive connector V PCI slots for add-in boards
G Main power connector W ISA slots for add-in boards
H HDD LED connector X Chassis intrusion connector
I Front panel connector, 16 pin Y WOL enable jumper
J Speaker connector Z USB header
K AT front panel connector AA RJ-45 network connector
L Lithium backup battery BB Serial port 2 header
M System fan connector (fan 1) CC VGA monitor port
N IDE connectors DD Parallel port connector
O External IMB connector EE Serial port 1 connector
P Configuration jumper FF Keyboard and Mouse connectors


Back panel connectors

FT1400 N440BX rear connectors


Key Description Key Description
A Mouse connector E VGA connector
B Keyboard connector F Network connector
C Parallel port connector G Green NIC LED
D Serial port connector H Orange NIC LED


Front Panel Connectors

The motherboard has connectors for controls and indicators typically located on the front panel of the computer. The following are shown as ‘I’ and ‘K’ respectively in the illustration at the beginning of this document.

Front Panel Connector

Pin Signal Pin Signal
1 GND 2 Hard disk activity LED
3 Front panel reset switch 4 Front panel power switch
5 +5V 6 NC
7 Front panel NMI switch 8 +5V
9 Fan failure indicator LED 10 Chassis intrusion switch
11 Power fault LED 12 +5v standby
13 I2C Data line 14 GND
15 I2C Clock line 16 GND

AT-Style Front Panel Connector

Pin Signal
1 Power button
3 +5V
4 Key
6 +5V
7 +5V
8 NC
10 GND
11 Reset button



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