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FT3000 (N440BX motherboard) - Draining CMOS

How to Replace the Battery

When your computer is turned off, a lithium battery keeps the time-of-day clock and the values in CMOS RAM current.

The battery should last between five and seven years. Replace the battery only with a direct equivalent and ensure the correct polarity.

Danger of explosion if the battery is incorrectly replaced. Replace only with the same or equivalent type recommended by your Mitsubishi Electric supplier. Discard used batteries according to the battery manufacturer’s instructions.

  1. Observe the precautions in Safety and Regulatory Notices in the Owner's Handbook.

  2. Turn off the computer, disconnect the computer’s power cord, and disconnect all external peripherals.

  3. Remove the computer cover.

  4. Locate the battery on the motherboard using the diagram at the beginning of Motherboard Components.

  5. With a small non-metallic tool, gently pull the retaining clip from the battery, and it will pop up for easy removal. Note the orientation of the "+" and "-" on the battery.

You must not use a metal or other conductive implement to remove the battery. If a short-circuit is accidentally made between the battery’s positive and negative terminals, the battery may explode.

  1. Install the new battery in the socket, orienting the "+" and "-" correctly and press it home. Make sure the retaining clip is holding the battery in the socket correctly and firmly.

  2. Replace the computer cover.

You will need to enter the BIOS and Setup utility to check your system settings. See the ‘Configuration’ chapter of the Owner's Handbook for details.



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