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FT3000 (N440BX motherboard) - Interrupts

Interrupt I/O APIC level Description
INTR INT0 Processor interrupt
NMI N/A NMI from BUD to processor
IRQ0 INT2 Timer interrupt from PIIX4
IRQ1 INT1 Keyboard interrupt
IRQ2   Interrupt signal from second 8259 in PIIX4
IRQ3 INT3 Serial port A or B interrupt from 87309VLJ device (user configure)
IRQ4 INT4 Serial port A or B interrupt from 87309VLJ device (user configure)
IRQ5 INT5 Open for use
IRQ6 INT6 Diskette
IRQ7 INT7 Parallel port
IRQ8_L INT8 RTC interrupt
IRQ9 INT9 Open for use
IRQ10 INT10 Open for use
IRQ11 INT11 Open for use
IRQ12 INT12 Mouse interrupt
IRQ13 INT13  
IRQ14 INT14 Compatibility IDE interrupt from primary channel IDE devices 0 and 1
IRQ15 INT15 Secondary IDE interrupt
PCI_INTA_L INT16 PCI Interrupt signal A
PCI_INTB_L INT17 PCI Interrupt signal B
PCI_INTC_L INT18 PCI Interrupt signal C
PCI_INTD_L INT19 PCI Interrupt signal D
SMI_L   System management interrupt—general purpose error indicator from various sources (controlled by BUD)



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