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FT5000 (Sitka motherboard) - Draining CMOS

Replacing the CMOS backup battery

The lithium battery on the baseboard powers the real-time clock (RTC) for three to four years in the absence of power. When the battery weakens, it loses voltage and the system settings stored in CMOS RAM in the RTC (e.g. the date and time) may be wrong.

Replace only with the same or equivalent type recommended by your Mitsubishi Electric supplier. Discard used batteries strictly according to the battery manufacturer’s instructions.

  1. Read through the instructions in the Owner's Handbook, Chapter 5,  'Before carrying out any work inside the system'.

  2. Remove the access cover, for detailed instructions see the Owner's Handbook, Chapter 2.

  3. Insert the tip of a small non-metallic under the plastic tab on the snap-on plastic retainer.

    You must not use a metal or other conductive implement to remove the battery. If a short-circuit is accidentally made between the battery’s positive and negative terminals, the battery may explode.

  4. Gently push down on the tool to lift the battery.

  5. Remove the battery from its socket.

  6. Remove the new lithium battery from its package and, being careful to observe the correct polarity, insert it in the battery socket.

  7. Reinstall the plastic retainer on the lithium battery socket.

  8. Reinstall the access cover using the original screws.

  9. Run the SSU to restore the configuration settings to the RTC.



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