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FT5000 (Sitka motherboard) - Memory

The memory module contains slots for 16 DIMMs and is attached to the mainboard through a 242-pin connector. Memory amounts from 128 MB to 4 GB of DIMM are supported, with a 64/72-bit four-way-interleaved pathway to main memory, which is also located on the module.

The 16 slots are divided into four banks of four slots each, labelled A to D. These banks support 4:1 interleaving. The memory controller supports EDO DRAMs. The four DIMMs in any bank must be identical and preferably should be 60ns, each individual DIMM must be at least 32 MB.

The ECC used for the memory module is capable of correcting single-bit errors (SBEs) and detecting 100 percent of double-bit errors over one code word. Nibble error detection is also provided.

ft5-dimm.gif (4604 bytes)


Key Description
A Memory bank A (install first)
B Memory bank B (install second)
C Memory bank C (install third)
D Memory bank D (install last)
E Memory module connector


System memory begins at address 0 and is continuous (flat addressing) up to the maximum amount of DRAM installed (exception: system memory is noncontiguous in the ranges defined as memory holes using configuration registers). The system supports both base (conventional) and extended memory.

  • Base memory is located at addresses 00000h to 9FFFFh (the first 1 MB).
  • Extended memory begins at address 0100000h (1 MB) and extends to FFFFFFFFh (4 GB), which is the limit of supported addressable memory. The top of physical memory is a maximum of 4 GB (to FFFFFFFFh).

BIOS automatically detects, sizes, and initialises the memory array, depending on the type, size, and speed of the installed DIMMs, and reports memory size and allocation to the system via configuration registers.

In a 4 GB configuration, a small part of memory (typically 32 MB) is not remapped above 4 GB. If your OS does not support more than 4 GB of physical memory, this small part of the memory is effectively lost.

DIMM sizes and compatibility: only use DIMMs that have been tested for compatibility with the memory board. Contact your Mitsubishi Electric dealership for a list of approved DIMMs. The table below lists some sample size combinations.

Sample DIMM component combinations

Bank A
(slots J1 - 4)
Bank B
(slots J5 - 8)
Bank C
(slots J9 - 12)
Bank D
(slots J13 - 16)
Total Memory
4x32 128 MB
4x32 4x32 256 MB
4x32 4x32 4x32 4x32 512 MB
4x64 4x64 4x64 4x64 1024 MB
4x128 4x128 4x128 4x128 2048 MB



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