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FT5000 (Sitka motherboard) - Jumpers

One 11-pin single inline header provides three 3-pin jumper blocks that control various configuration options. Items in bold in show default placement for each configurable option.

  ft5-jump.gif (3512 bytes)

Function Pins (default in bold) What it does at system reset
CMOS clear 1-2, BMC Control Preserves the contents of NVRAM.
2-3, Force Erase Replaces the contents of NVRAM with the manufacturing default settings.
Password clear 5-6, Protect Maintains the current system password.
6-7, Erase Clears the password.
Recovery Boot 9-10, Normal System attempts to boot using the BIOS stored in flash memory.
10-11, Recovery BIOS attempts a recovery boot, loading BIOS code from a diskette into the flash device. This is typically used when the BIOS code has been corrupted.



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