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FT5000 (Sitka motherboard) - Motherboard Components

Key Description Key Description
A Wide SCSI B connector (J9J1) U VRM connector for processor 1 (J4A1)
B System jumpers (J6J1) V Processor 1 Slot 2 connector (J9A1)
C Hard drive input LED connector (J6J3) W Main power connector, primary (J9B1)
D System speaker connector (J6J2) X Processor 2 Slot 2 connector (J9B2)
E Lithium battery (B4H1) Y Processor 3 Slot 2 connector (J9D1)
F Wake-on-LAN technology connector (J4H1) Z Main power connector, secondary (J9D2)
G ISA slot (J1J1) AA Front panel connector (J8E1)
H PCI slots B4 (closest to ISA), B3, B2, B1, A3, and A2 (farthest from ISA) BB Processor 4 Slot 2 connector (J9E1)
I Memory module connector (J3G1) CC IDE connector (J9E2)
J ICMB connector (J1E1) DD Diskette drive connector (J9E3)
K PCI slot A1 (J2D1) EE Auxiliary power connector (J9E4)
L Video and parallel port connectors (J1C1) FF USB internal header (JC9F14)
M Serial port connector (J1B2) GG SMBus connector (J9F2)
N Keyboard and mouse connectors (J1B1) HH F16 expansion connector (J7G1)
O USB external connector (J1A1) II ITP connector (J6G1)
P VRM connector for processor 4 (J4E1) JJ Narrow SCSI connector (J9H1)
Q VRM connector for processors 4 and 3 (J4C2) KK External IPMB connector (J7H1)
R VRM connector for processor 3 (J4C1) LL SMM connector (J8H1)
S VRM connector for processor 2 (J4B1) MM Wide SCSI A connector (J9H2)
T VRM connector for processors 2 and 1 (J4A2)



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