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FT5000 - Front, Back & Side Views

Front View

Key Decription
A External drive bays; CD-ROM drive shown installed
B Diskette drive
C Power On/Off button (holding down this button for more than four seconds causes a power-button override to the PIIX4E when you release the button)
D Sleep/Service button (holding down this button for LESS THAN four seconds enters sleep mode, which requires an ACPI-compliant OS; holding it down for MORE THAN four seconds enters service mode, which powers down the electronics bay but leaves hot-swap and peripheral bays running)
E Reset button
F Front panel LEDs (Top to bottom: top five are power on, disk bay power on, HDU activity, fan failure, power supply failure; bottom six are hard-drive activity LEDs, labeled 0-5)
G NMI button
H System security lock
I EMI shield lock
J Internal drive bays
K Metal EMI shield
L Expansion drive bay


Rear View

ft5-rear.gif (7861 bytes)


Key Decription
A Parallel port
B VGA monitor connector
C Serial port A, COM1
D Serial port B, COM2 (extended via ribbon cable from back panel to baseboard)
E Mouse connector
F Keyboard connector
G Universal serial bus connector
H Expansion slot covers (six slot connectors provided on baseboard)
I Power supply bay
J AC input power connector
K Power supply fan
L Power supply LED
M Power supply failure LED (LED not lit means failure)


Expanded Side View

ft5-side.gif (8584 bytes)


Key Decription
A Front swing-out subchassis
B Diskette drive
C Main chassis
D Power backplane
E Power supply(s)
F Mainboard
G Lift-out electronics bay
H Removable media device bay
I SCSI hard drive bay
J Foam cover
K Foam fan housing
L Foam fan housing cover



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