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Product Datasheet
System Overview

Features and Benefits

Technical Specifications

  • Intel Pentium Pro processor
  • Optional RAID controller
  • Ultra-Wide SCSI hard drives
  • PCI and ISA expansion technology
  • Dual USB Port
  • ECC memory
  • Integral 8 speed CD-ROM drive
  • Lockable fixed and exchangeable media area
  • Integrated Server Management Card
  • UK designed & built

System Overview

Mitsubishi Electric PC Division has produced the definitive high performance Enterprise server. Now, we have brought that expertise into the entry-level server market to deliver a truly exceptional server: the Apricot FT1200. This is a mini tower server that has been engineered and designed from the ground up as a real server.

The latest Pentium Pro processors deliver excellent performance, backed up by an Ultra-Wide SCSI disk subsystem with high performance drives.

All this performance is balanced with the need for data integrity, with optional RAID and a Smart-UPS power supply to keep your data intact.

Room for Growth

The Apricot FT1200 is not like other servers in its class. It enables growth, not constrains it.

With a generous 4 internal hard drive bays giving up to 16GB of data storage, two externally accessible 5.25" drive bays for tape drives and the Ultra-Wide SCSI controller integrated onto the motherboard to free up the maximum number of PCI slots, the Apricot FT1200 will grow with your applications.

Data Integrity

Using the RAID controller, ECC protected memory and Smart-UPS options, the Apricot FT1200 offers protection against the most common causes of data loss: disk and memory errors and power failure.

The case is protected by two locks, keeping the power on/off switch, exchangeable disks and fixed disks secure.

Mass Storage
2GB or 4GB Ultra-Wide SCSI hard drive
8 x E-IDE CD-ROM drive
1.44MB floppy drive


PCI SVGA graphics adapter
1MB standard, upgradeable to 2MB

PCI 3C900 triple combo card

Five expansion slots
Dual high-speed serial ports
Dual USB port
Parallel port
Three additional 3.5" HDD bays
Two 5.25" removable media bays

Pre-installed Software
MS-DOS 6.22

ISA Server Management Card
Landesk Client Manager
Apricot SMA+

2GB Ultra-Wide SCSI HDD
4GB Ultra-Wide SCSI HDD
12-24GB DAT DDS-III tape drive
PM2144UW RAID controller
Server Software
Novell NetWare 3.12 or 4.1x
Microsoft Windows NT Server 3.5 or 4.0
SCO OpenServer 5.0
SCO UnixWare 2.1

Features and Benefits

Pentium Pro Power

The Apricot FT1200 is fitted with a 200MHz Pentium Pro CPU, giving superb performance (up to 50% more than an equivalent clock speed Pentium). The 256KB level 2 cache is integrated with the CPU to ensure peak performance.

And, as the CPU is installed in an Intel type 8 ZIF socket, the FT1200 allows you to keep your upgrade options open.

Ultra-Wide SCSI

A SCSI disk subsystem is essential for a true server, so the Apricot FT1200 makes no compromises on it's disk controller: whilst lesser systems make do with desktop technology, the Apricot FT1200 has integrated Ultra-Wide SCSI as standard: PCI-based, of course. This gives a SCSI bus capacity of 40MB/sec, ideal for fast file serving and demanding applications.

Multiple Drive bays

To cope with the inevitable rise in data volumes, the Apricot FT1200 has a class-leading four hard disk drive bays. Fit a 4GB drive in each and you have an impressive 16GB of high-performance Ultra-Wide SCSI storage.

High Capacity, High Speed Hard Drives

To complement the Ultra-Wide SCSI controller and RAID option, the Apricot FT1200 uses high-performance Ultra-Wide SCSI hard disk drives. These high-quality drives have a MTBF rating of 800,000 power on hours.

Smart-UPS Option

As an option, the APC Smart-UPS can be used to protect your Apricot FT1200 from the hazards of fluctuating mains supplies. The Smart-UPS unit protects against temporary brown-outs and keeps your data safe in the event of total power failure.

RAID Option

The PCI based RAID controller provides fault-tolerant operation by allowing data to be spread across a number of hard drives which appear as one logical disk. In the event of a single disk failure, the system continues to operate as data is still available. For the maximum peace of mind, the system can even be configured with a disk designated as a "hot spare" which will automatically take over from the failed disk.

And all this can be managed with an easy to use management utility, run either locally or remotely (exact configuration option depends on operating system).


The Apricot FT1200 has a dual USB port, allowing up to 127 devices to be attached per port. With USB, there is no more guesswork about which serial or parallel port to use, and devices can be added without requiring knowledge of IRQ settings, DMA channels or I/O addresses.


Case locks prevent unauthorised access to the system. This protects the power on/off switch, exchangeable media, fixed disks and electronic components.

Technical Specifications

Type Intel Pentium Pro
No. of CPUs 1
Clock speed (Internal) 200MHz
Clock speed (External) 66MHz
Cache (per CPU) 256KB, Level 2
Coprocessor Integral
Internal/external bus 300/64-bit
CPU socket type Intel Type 8
Core Logic chipset Intel 82440FX
iCOMP benchmark 2.0 220
Supplied 32MB or 64MB
Maximum 192MB
Type DIMM, 72-bit
Speed 60ns
Fitted RAM location System board
Parity ECC
Sockets: total 3
free 2
Sizes supported 16, 32 & 64MB
Size 4Mbit
Type Flash ROM with BIOS
Graphics (standard)
Controller ATI Mach64 VT PCI
Interface PCI
Location Expansion board
Video memory: supplied 1MB
type DRAM
Max N.I. resolution 1024 x 768 / 1280 x 1024
Max N.I. colours 256
SCSI controller
Type Ultra-Wide SCSI Adaptec 7880
Location PCI bus, integral on system board
Management (standard)
Type Server Management Card
Location ISA slot
Software Landesk Client Manager
Apricot SMA+
I/O ports
Serial: quantity 2
connectors 2 x 9-pin
Parallel: quantity 1
type ECP/EPP compliant
Keyboard type PS/2
Mouse type PS/2
Universal Serial Bus Dual port
Slots free: PCI 1
Shared PCI/ISA 2
3.5" half height internal hard disk drive bays 4 (3 free)
5.25" half height removable media drive bays 2 free
Power supply
Rating (constant) 200W
Rating (peak) 250W
Type Switched mode
Voltage setting Switch selection
Voltage input range (AC) 100-120V & 200-240V
Frequency input range 47-63Hz
External connectors IEC in
Uninterruptable Power supply (option)
Model APC Smart UPS V/S 420
Maximum power load 420VA
Mains failure runtime 4-17 mins. Subject to loading
Peak current capability +/-6KVA
Surge energy rating 320 Joules
Typical detection & switchover time 2/4ms
Dimensions: w x d x h 116 x 355 x 167mm
Weight 9.5Kg
Model Sony 311
Type E-IDE
Speed 8
Buffer memory 256KB
Sustained transfer rate 1.2MB/sec
Photo CD support Yes (multi session)
MTBF (power on hours) 100 000
RAID Controller (option)
Location PCI Expansion board
On-board processor Motorola 68020 @ 20MHz
Cache supplied (maximum) 0 (64MB)
Bus Master rate 132MB/sec
Maximum SCSI transfer 40MB/sec
SCSI bus support Ultra-Wide SCSI
SCSI channels 1
RAID Support 0,1 & 5 (hardware)
External Port 68-pin high density
Floppy drive
Type/capacity Mitsubishi 3.5"/1.44MB
Controller Embedded
Hard Drives
Size 2GB
Type Ultra-Wide SCSI
Average access 8.5ms
Track to track seek 0.6ms
Burst data rate 8.95MB/sec
Cache 448KB
MTBF 800 000 poh
Size 4GB
Type Ultra-Wide SCSI
Average access 8.5ms
Track to track seek 0.6ms
Burst data rate 12.95MB/sec
Cache 448KB
MTBF 800 000 poh
System Dimensions
Width x depth x height 210 x 490 x 410mm
Weight 15Kg
Standard cover 3 years on-site repair service
(in countries where applicable)
Preloaded Software
Operating System DOS 6.22 (UK mainland only)
Windows NT Server 4.0 (optional)
Temperature (operating) 5 to +350C
Temperature (non-op.) -10 to +600C
R. humidity (operating) 20 to 80%
R. humidity (non-op.) 20 to 80%
EMI/RFI approvals Compliant with European
CE mark regulations for Emissions
Susceptibility. VCCI Level 1
Safety approvals EN60-950
Keys 102
Interface PS/2
Cable length 3m
Dimensions: w x d x h 465 x170 x 45mm
weight 1.4Kg
Buttons 2
Interface PS/2
Resolution 400dpi
Cable length 1.83m
Dimensions: w x d x h 63 x 114 x 40mm
weight 127g
Ethernet card
Model 3COM 3C900
Interfaces BNC, AUI, UTP
Speed 10Mbits/sec
Monitors 14" 15" 17" 21" Diamondtron
CRT size (diag.) 14" 15" 17" 21"
CRT type Anti-glare FST anti-glare FST dynamic focus, Diamondtron
black tinted anti-glare/static dark tint, anti-glare/static
Display area 260 x 190 (+/-3mm) 270 x 203 (+/-3mm) 290 x 218 (+/-3.5mm) 380 x 285 (+/-4mm)
Dot pitch 0.28mm 0.28mm 0.28mm 0.30mm
Phosphor P22 P22 P22 P22
Video input Analogue RGB Analogue RGB Analogue RGB Analogue RGB
Max. video bandwidth 65MHz 110MHz 130MHz 180MHz
Max. res. x vert freq 1024 x 768 x 60Hz 1280 x 1024 x 60Hz 1600 x 1200 x 60Hz 1600 x 1200 x 75Hz
(non-interlaced) 1024 x 768 x 75Hz 1280 x 1024 x 75Hz
Power: full operation <80W <100W <130W max 165W
standby <30W <30W <5W <30W
active off >5W >5W >5W >11W
Power management VESA DPMS support VESA DPMS support VESA DPMS support VESA DPMS support
for EPA compliance for EPA compliance for EPA compliance for EPA compliance
EMI/RFI approvals CE mark compliant CE mark compliant CE mark compliant CE mark compliant
Safety approvals EN60-950 EN60-950 EN60-950 EN60-950
Dimensions: w x d x h (mm) 351 x 384x327 361 x 382 x 345 411 x 480 x 380 500 x 488 x 490
weight 12Kg 14Kg 23Kg 35Kg

Mitsubishi Electric PC Division, is also represented by independent Resellers in many countries throughout: Europe, Middle East, Africa, and Far East. For details, contact the International Division. Telephone: +44 121 717 7171. Some peripheral products are brought in and sold on by Mitsubishi Electric from organisations which may not have ISO 9000 (BS5750) registration.

Apricot Computers Limited and/or Apricot Systems Centre terms and conditions of trading apply. Apricot reserves the right to alter specifications without prior notice. Details of all registered trademarks are available on request. While Apricot makes every endeavour, not all add-in features on its systems will be supported by all subsequent releases of add-in cards and peripherals.

Specifications and options may vary from country to country.



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