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Intermediate Product Bulletins (IPBs)

Bulletins from Mitsubishi Electric PC Division's Group Technical Services fall into a number of categories, and bulletins in each of these categories are issued within a range of serial numbers as shown below.

Spares News bulletins are produced by the Warranty Services department of the Mitsubishi Electric PC Division to inform Apricot Service Centres, etc. of all the latest news concerning spare parts.

Spares News 0000-0999

Intermediate Product Bulletins (IPBs) are technical documents that are produced by the Group Technical Services Division on an ad hoc basis, and are distributed to dealers to provide focus on any industry-related issues. Topics range from problems encountered in the field and the solutions available to rectify them, recommendations on performance issues, notification of software patches available for third party software products, etc.

Single User 1000-1999
Networking 2000-2999
Xenix / Unix 3000-3999
Hardware 4000-4999

Self-training Bulletins were originated by the CD-ROM and On-line development group and dealt with any issues found regarding the portfolio of DiscoverWare titles.

Self-training bulletins 5000-5999


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