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Apricot FT2400
The departmental server for business-critical applications


System Overview

Features & Benefits

Technical Specifications

  • Intel Pentium® II 300MHz processors
  • Dual Processor Support
  • SDRAM Memory
  • High Performance Ultra-Wide SCSI Disk Subsystem
  • Optional High Performance SmartRAID System
  • PCI Expansion Technology
  • N+1 Redundant Hot Swap Power Supply
  • Lockable drive bays & side panels
  • Integrated system management
  • Rack mountable
  • I2O Ready
  • UK Built

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System Overview
The Apricot FT2400 is Mitsubishi Electric's latest mid-range server. It's powerful and highly expandable with a build quality second to none. But then, with Mitsubishi's tradition of high quality Apricot servers, you'd expect that. The FT2400 now adds comprehensive server management facilities to build a server which doesn't compromise on features, price or performance.

If you're looking for Pentium® II processors, Ultra-Wide SCSI, high performance disks, RAID subsystems and resilient Hot Swap PSUs for real data integrity, then look no further than the Apricot FT2400. The Apricot FT2400 delivers enterprise system attributes in a mid-range server.

Highly Expandable Chassis
Like our ground-breaking Shogun and FT4200 Enterprise servers, the FT2400 has a chassis which gives you all the expansion capability that you need. As a minimum, there are 5 hot-plug drive bays which can be expanded to a total of 10, all easily accessible for drive upgrades. There are 5 free PCI slots thanks to the integrated motherboard design. The PSU is a generous 600 Watt unit, with up to three modules to provide resilience and enough power for a fully-loaded system.

Rack Mount Options
The FT2400 is designed as both a floor-standing unit and to be installed in a 19" rack-mount for installation in a data centre environment.

Data Integrity
Your data is valuable. Use the FT2400's no-compromise features to protect it. For the disks, the optional RAID controller gives high-performance hardware RAID with full support for hot standby drives.

The FT2400 Power Supply can have up to 3 modules, giving full protection against any single module failing even on a fully loaded system.

And to make doubly sure of your data, choose the external APC UPS, which adds battery backup and mains conditioning to the data integrity features.

System Management
No matter how good your server is, you need to be in control. The FT2400 has full server management provided by Mitsubishi SMA+, which combines innovative hardware and software for a complete solution.

Use Mitsubishi SMA+ to monitor the FT2400's environmental status, interrogate the DMI compliant BIOS, launch the RAID manager, or even monitor the HDD backplane! And, because Mitsubishi Electric innovate within the industry standards, all this integrates with Intel's LANDesk management suite. The use of industry standards means that the server management is compatible with DMI and SNMP compliant tools.

The lockable front and side panels ensure that only authorised access is permitted, protecting the exchangeable and fixed disks plus the power on/off switch. The locks are also connected to the server management system, so that any intrusion is detected.

Computers for a Connected World
The Apricot FT series is designed for a connected world. Multiple connectivity options ensure that the business advantages of Internet, Intranet and Extranet technologies can be fully exploited, allowing greater productivity and communications regardless of the size of your organisation. With integrated ethernet, high-speed modem and ISDN options all optimised to give simple, but effective connectivity to your local area network, or even further afield to the World Wide Web, the electronic network that spans the globe.

Features & Benefits
Pentium® II Power
Fitted with either a single or dual 300MHz Intel Pentium® II processor, the FT2400 is the ultimate mid range server. Its power, performance, expandability and data integrity offers peak performance as a departmental application or file and print server. These latest processors from Intel offer up to 50% performance over the Pentium® Pro processor!

High Performance Memory
Support for SDRAM ensures the longevity of this product. Utilising the latest technology in memory subsystems means that, as your server grows, there are no system bottlenecks and the machine can continue to perform optimally.

Hot-Plug Drive bays
The FT2400 has a generous 5 hot-plug drive bays as standard, enough for 45GB of disk storage. Add a further 5 bay module and take the FT2400 up to a massive 90GB of internal storage. And because the FT2400 fully supports the SCA2 connectors required for true hot-plug, drive changes are quick and safe.

SmartRAID Option
The FT2400's RAID subsystem is provided by an intelligent PCI controller card with it's own embedded CPU and cache memory. 4MB cache is provided as standard, with the option to upgrade to 64MB for handling large, intensively accessed RAID arrays. For performance, two Ultra-Wide SCSI channels are included.

With support for RAID levels 0,1 and 5, a hot standby facility and online RAID 5 expansion, the FT2400 RAID subsystem is the best way to keep your system running smoothly.

N+1 Redundant Power Supply
The FT2400 power supply consists of up to 3 modules, each supplying 300W. Two modules are enough to power even the most demanding configuration, which means that an extra module can be added for resilience against failure. The FT2400 power supply is fully instrumented, giving the power supply full visibility under Mitsubishi's SMA+ management suite.

Optional UPS
Coupled with the resilient power supply, the optional APC Smart UPS unit gives complete protection from power supply or mains failure. APC's proven battery and switch-over technology gives protection against transient brown-out and more serious black-outs. In the event of a serious mains failure, the PowerChute software provided shuts the FT2400 down smoothly, keeping vital data intact.

Integrated System Management
Supporting both DMI and SNMP standards, the server
status can be monitored from DMI and SNMP compliant tools. Asset management, environmental checks, security access and pre failure identification are all handled through the system management products, keeping you in control at all times.

The FT2400 is one of the first servers on the market to support the new I
2O architecture. The Intel i960RD chip incorporated onto the motherboard is able to "off load" work normally carried out by the CPU, therby dramatically improving overall system performance without increasing costs.

The Intel inside logo and Pentium are registered trademarks and MMX is a trademark of Intel Corporation.



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