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Apricot LS100
Network PC


System Overview

Standard Features

Features & Benefits

Technical Specifications

  • Designed for systems management
  • 200MHz Pentium with MMX™ CPU
  • 32MB of SDRAM memory
  • 2.1GB high performance hard disk
  • High performance 64-bit PCI graphic accelerator
  • 256KB pipeline burst L2 cache
  • Integrated wake-on LAN 100Mbit/s ethernet
  • 16-bit business audio
  • DMI compliant

System Overview
The Apricot LS100 is a high specification Network PC designed for task orientated applications where managability and cost of ownership are of prime importance. The system's full DMI compliance provides an industry-standard interface for mainstream management packages such as Intel's LANDesk Client Manager and Microsoft's Zero Administration Kit for Windows, while the integrated environment-management processor detects intrusions and monitors temperature, reliability and other key management information.

Net PCs offer the lowest cost of ownership of any Intel based PC product. This is achieved through the 'sealed box' concept which avoids

the additional support costs encountered in traditional PCs when installing and configuring add-in peripherals. The lack of floppy drive or CD-ROM media ensures that the software environment cannot be influenced by users adding unauthorised applications such as screen savers or games, thereby protecting the system from risk of virus infection.
Standard Features
Compact design
  • Small footprint
  • Sealed casing

Technical features

  • 200MHz Pentium with MMX™ Technology
  • Ultra ATA 2.1GB E-IDE hard drive
  • Integral 10/100 NIC with wake-on-LAN
  • LM78 hardware management controller
  • 64-bit PCI graphics with 2MB memory
  • USB port
  • High speed serial ports
  • Parallel port
Pre-installed Software
  • Windows 95


  • 14", 15", 17" or 21" high resolution monitors
  • Enhanced 105 key keyboard
  • Two button mouse
Features & Benefits
Designed for management
The advanced management capabilities of the Apricot LS100 reduce support costs by enabling the systems to be centrally managed over the network, including remote configuration, maintenance and repair, and the ability to conduct routine maintenance and software updates during off-hours. These features, in conjunction with the minimal levels of hardware maintenance, ensure the lowest cost of ownership while retaining essential compatibility with today's standards-based computer networks, operating systems and applications.

Additionally, the LS100 benefits from the inclusion of a sophisticated hardware management controller. This monitors the status of system critical items such as temperature, power and hard disk performance; controlling the fan speed to maintain an even system temperature; providing predictive drive failure notification and alerting the system administrator to physical intrusion of the system case. This ensures that the LS100's reliability is maintained at maximum levels, further reducing cost of ownership.

Slimline compact unit
Designed as a sealed unit, the unobtrusive physical aspect of the Apricot LS100 system ensures that users are not competing with their PC for desk space. The flexibility of the system is taken a stage further with the included stand, allowing either horizontal or vertical placement of the unit on the desktop.

Energy Saving
Incorporating ACPI advanced power saving, the Apricot LS100 reduces its power consumption to a minimum level in 'active off' mode. This mode allows the system to be accessed via the network by use of the Wake-on LAN technology for system maintenance, software distribution, etc.., returning automatically to minimum power levels when the management task is complete. These and additional advanced energy saving features of the system contribute to its low cost of ownership.

Video acceleration
The Apricot LS100 is capable of stunning video performance, made possible by the use of accelerated local bus video processor. The S3 ViRGE video controller, with its 2MB of video memory, provides ergonomically sound high refresh rates in its supported high resolution modes and uses the PCI local bus to ensure that even the most graphically demanding applications move like lightning.

Wake on LAN
The on-board 10/100Mbps NIC includes auto-sensing to connect automatically to either 10Mbit or 100Mbit network installations. Conforming to the latest industry standards and supported by all popular operating systems, the interface also includes 'wake-on LAN' technology allowing major benefits to be gained in the quest for simplified management and control of network PC populations, with an associated reduction in the total cost of system ownership.

Pentium processing power
Pentium processors with MMX(TM)Technology have rapidly become the industry standard. With the Apricot LS100 a minimum specification of 200MHz has been defined, providing a realistic performance level for current and future applications.

By providing 32MB of high performance RAM as standard, the Apricot LS100 incorporates a performance headroom, ensuring system longevity.

High capacity, high speed hard drives
In a Network PC environment, the local hard drive is used, primarily, for local storage of the operating system and as a network cache. This ensures that the network bandwith is not saturated by the provision of 'static data' such as operating system or application code, but is clear for the essential task of data provision.

Sounds Good
With business audio fast becoming a pre-requisite for today's applications, the Apricot LS100 incorporates a 16-bit audio chipset integrated on the system motherboard. This can be used with personal headphones or may be supplemented with matching 20W powered speakers for individual users needs.

Industry standard
One of the main design criteria of the Apricot LS100 system was to ensure adherence to current and planned industry standards. With this goal in mind, the system complies with the System Design Guidelines for Network PC and is based on the Network PC (Net PC) Systems Guidelines co-authored by industry leaders including Intel and Microsoft. This rigorous attention to detail ensures complete systems compatibility and protects clients investment when deploying Network PCs.

Built by Mitsubishi Electric PC Division
The Apricot LS100 is the latest generation network PC product from a company who pioneered network-centric computing from the early days of the PC industry. Mitsubishi Electric is a leading vendor of industry standard systems and is acknowledged as a world leader in the design of PCs and high availability servers. Its systems are designed and manufactured in the UK and sold throughout Europe and Asia.

All LS Series products are available with multiple connectivity options. These ensure that the business advantages of Internet, Intranet and Extranet technologies can be fully exploited, allowing greater productivity and communications regardless of the size of your organisation. With integrated ethernet, and access to high-speed modems and ISDN provided via the server, all connectivity options have been investigated to give simple but effective connectivity to your local area network or even further afield to the World Wide Web, the electronic network that spans the globe.




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