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Product Datasheet
System Overview

Features and Benefits

Technical Specifications

  • 166 or 200MHz Pentium with MMX Technology Processors
  • Range of large capacity, high performance hard disk drives
  • Enhanced performance EDO RAM
  • 256KB pipeline burst L2 cache
  • Pre-installed 3Com Fast Ethernet card
  • High performance 64-bit PCI graphic accelerator
  • Six expansion slots
  • Power-saving standby mode with fast recovery
  • SoundBlaster Vibra-16 for industry standard business audio
  • High performance CD-ROM drive
  • Ethernet card
  • UK Built
  • DMI compliant

System Overview

The LS660 range from Apricot meets all the needs of the technology or cost driven corporate user in a highly expandable mini tower chassis. Fully specified, with a choice of the very latest Pentium processors, hard disks and advanced memory technology, every LS660 is designed to offer the widest possible choice of price and specification. This ensures that you can put exactly the right model on each desktop, with no limits on processing power, speed, capacity or performance.

One of the LS660's most important features is it's fully-integrated networking facility. This means that every model in the LS660 range is available with a choice of 10 or 100Mbit/s ethernet technology pre-installed, ready to run. High quality business audio is another standard feature, ready to exploit the new technologies of voice messaging and other audio applications. With the in-built CD-ROM the LS660 is also a state-of-the-art multimedia machine, ready to unleash the potential of the latest, most demanding software.

Pick a Pentium

With the LS660, you can choose precisely the processor you need. Even the entry level models boast at least a 166MHz Intel Pentium MMX processor, and the top performance models come with a 200MHz MMX processor.

Easy to manage

All LS660 systems include enhanced manageability as standard. Designed to be fully DMI compliant, each system is supplied with a Windows application allowing a complete inventory of the system to be made - including firmware and software revision levels. Based upon established industry standards for DMI, the supplied application allows co-operation with third-party network management tools; ensuring a simple and cost effective installation into both new and existing company sites.

In addition, each LS660 system is supplied with 'Electronic Fingerprinting'. This allows your choice of information (e.g. company name, department, asset number, etc..) to be permanently recorded within each system, ensuring a permanent record of system ownership to be available.

Sounds good

All models incorporate integrated SoundBlaster Vibra-16 audio from the market leader Creative Labs. Coupled with the high speed Sony CD-ROM, you can now have the benefit of high quality business audio through the unit's built-in speaker, or, for maximum quality through external speakers.

Expandable and upgradeable

The LS660 does more than just provide room for expansion: it offers a choice of three PCI slots and four ISA slots. There are no less than six drive bays, and a 200 watt power supply to feed them all. The upgrading process has been well thought out too: with facility for a faster Pentium OverDrive processor and up to 256MB of 32-bit EDO memory can be mixed and matched in the four SIMM sockets.


LS660 5166
LS660 5200


166MHz Pentium with MMX technology
200MHz Pentium with MMX technology



Hard Disk


Systems include on-board Soundblaster 16 Audio, x8 CD and choice of 10 or 100Mbit/s ethernet interface
Mass Storage
1.44MB floppy drive
Choice of high speed IDE hard drives

64-bit PCI bus enhanced VGA graphics with 2MB of video RAM

Pre-installed Software
Windows® 95 or DOS 6.22 and Windows for Workgroups

Multiple PCI and ISA expansion slots
Dual high speed serial ports
Parallel port
Socketed video memory
Dual USB ports

14", 15", 17" or 21" high resolution monitors
Enhanced 105 key keyboard
Two button mouse

Features and Benefits

The LS660 Pentium product range is centred on the use of MEPCD's latest Pentium motherboard design, offer world class performance, full functionality and low cost of ownership.

ATI Mach264 VT graphics 64-bit PCI bus-master graphics accelerator provides new levels of performance for all types of applications.

Refresh rates up to 120Hz allow flicker-free images.

Up to 16.7Million colours (true-colour) in all system configurations allows correct colour matching for desk top publishing and graphical applications.

Full range of drivers ensures maximum operating system choice.

Resolutions up to 1280 x 1024 for improved clarity.

EDO video memory support EDO video memory provides a performance increase over normal DRAM

Intel 430HX PCIset Provides optimized performance for multi-master PCI agents, including 'short-burst' applications such as LAN cards, RGB video and tuner cards

Ball Grid Array (BGA) packaging providing higher levels of integration and quality

Intel PIIX3 controller IDE PCI Bus-master supports DMA transfer modes, reducing cpu overhead during IDE device access, providing greater system throughput.

Pentium Processor with MMX Technology 32KB on-chip L1 cache provides improved performance for all software applications.
Applications optimised for MMX technology:- video, audio, graphical and communication based tasks may show a boost of up to 400%.
Latest processor technology ensures system longevity.

Intel Socket 7 Support for future revisions of Pentium processors, providing easy upgrade path

EDO Memory support 60ns EDO RAM provides higher performance levels than traditional Fast Page RAM.

16MB/32MB RAM as standard Sufficient memory for today's memory hungry GUI operating systems. Expandable to a maximum of 256MB ensures system longevity.

DMI compliant Provides asset management and error notification for reduced cost of ownership.

Industry standard solution allows use of 3rd party management tools.

256Kb Pipeline burst mode L2 cache Ensures maximum availability of data to the cpu, enhancing system throughput.

High performance Quantum hard disks High performance hard disks with capacities of 2.1 and 3.2Gb provide sufficient storage for today's data-rich applications.

6x6 mini tower chassis 6 slot, 6 bay configuration allows scope for future system expansion in a compact mini tower unit.

PCI and ISA expansion Allows use of industry standard ISA and 32-bit PCI expansion cards offering increased upgrade flexibility.

Parallel port ECP/EPP Parallel port provides hi-performance bi-directional communication with intelligent printers.

Dual Serial ports 16550 UART allows high speed serial connections.

PS/2 Mouse port Dedicated mouse port ensures that both serial ports are available for use.

X8 speed CD-ROM Faster and sustained access to CD-ROM data; essential for smooth multimedia and video playback.

Integrated 3Com Network interface Pre-installed network interface provides improved 'out of box' reliability and reduces installation costs.

Fast 10/100Mbit interface allows automatic sensing of network speed.

Metal case with keylock and security loop Acts as deterrent to component theft and ensures that all hardware in your system remains secure.

Software security Access to system and BIOS Setup can be limited by password control to prevent unauthorised use.

FD access can be disabled to prevent removal of data or virus infection.

'Electronic Fingerprinting' allows ownership string to be permanently recorded in system Flash memory

VESA DPMS & EPA Energy Star compliance Full energy star compliance reduces system ownership costs and prolongs system life.

Plug and Play Easier upgrade path with reduced support costs.

On-board Creative Labs Vibra16 CL Plug-and-play device offers automatic configuration.

Security of SoundBlaster industry standard.

Dual USB ports Offers plug and play capabilities to 'out-of-box' peripherals, simplifying peripheral attachment and configuration.

The Apricot LS series meets the needs of the corporate user by providing integrated networking from industry leader 3Com, business audio and the highest level of performances as standard.

The complete LS model range encompasses low cost network ready systems, highly integrated Pentium PC's and high-end Pentium Pro based network workstations in a range of chassis formats allowing the correct combination of price, performance, and profile to be available for each network requirement.

With Windows NT winning increasing acceptance as the corporate desktop environment of choice, the Apricot LS series provides a platform which has the power and robustness to match.

Technical Specifications

Type Pentium with MMX Technology
Clock speed (Internal) 166MHz / 200MHz
Clock speed (External) 66MHz
Internal cache 2x16KB
Coprocessor Integral
Data/address bus 64/32-bits
CPU socket type 321-pin ZIF (Type 7)
iCOMP Index 2.0 160 / 182
Core Logic chipset Intel 430HX PCIset
External cache
Supplied 256KB pipeline burst
Maximum 256KB
Mapping Direct
Writing scheme Write back
Cache speed 66MHz
Sockets: total 4
free 2
Sizes supported 4, 8, 16, 32 & 64MB
Supplied 16/32MB
Maximum 256MB
Type 32-bit EDO SIMM
Speed 60ns
Fitted RAM location Motherboard
Parity None
Sockets: total 4
free 2
Sizes supported 4, 8, 16, 32 & 64MB
Controller ATI Mach 264 VT
Interface PCI Local Bus
Location Motherboard
Video memory: supplied 2MB
max 2MB
Max N.I. resolution @ 2MB 1280 x 1024 (256 colours)
Max N.I. colours @ 2MB 16.7 million (800 x 600)
Max vertical refresh rate 120Hz (1024 x 768)
Hard Drive Options
Capacity 2.1GB
Type E-IDE
Average access 10.5ms
Track to track seek 3ms
Burst data rate 11.2MB/s
Cache 128KB
MTBF 400 000 poh
Capacity 3.2GB
Type E-IDE
Average access 10.5ms
Track to track seek 3ms
Burst data rate 11.2MB/s
Cache 128KB
MTBF 400 000 poh
Type CDU311-10
Rotational speed x8
AV access 160ms
Transfer rate 1200KB/s
Interface E-IDE
Drive Bays
5.25" Accessible 1 free
3.5" Internal 3 free
Standard interface 3C905TX
Media 10-base T (UTP)
Transfer rate 10/100Mbit/s Auto sensing
10Mbit models 3C509B
Media 10-base T (UTP),
10-base 2 (BNC)
10-base 5 (AUI)
Transfer rate 10Mbit/s
Type SoundBlaster Vibra-16CL
Location On-board
Ports Microphone, line-in,
speaker-out, line-out,
game port
Speakers Single internal,
optional external
Total slots 6 (1 shared PCI/ISA)
PCI 3 full length
ISA 4 full length
*Network card uses either one half length ISA or one half length PCI slot.
Technology BIOS Level Security
Access control Power On/
CMOS Setup Password
FD Access, Virus Detection
Hardware Case lock & security loop
Asset tag Electronic fingerprinting
Size 2Mbit
Type Flash ROM
Shadowable Yes
I/O ports
Serial: quantity 2 (16550 compliant)
connectors 2 x 9-pin D-SUB
Parallel: quantity 1
type ECP/EPP compliant
Dual channel PCI bus EIDE controller
ATA IDE standard Mode 4
Connector type 40-pin
Max data transfer 16.6MB/s
Keyboard type PS/2
Mouse type PS/2
USB Dual ports
Power supply
Rating (constant) 200W
Type Switched mode
Voltage setting External switch
Voltage input range (AC) 100-127V & 200-240V
Frequency input range 50-60Hz
Max loads: +5V 20A
+12V 8A
-12V 0.3A
External connectors IEC in / IEC out
Floppy drive
Type/capacity 3.5"/1.44MB
Controller Embedded
System Dimensions
Width x depth x height 210 x 420 x 410mm
Weight 15Kg
Standard cover
3 year limited warranty (1st year on-site, 2nd & 3rd parts only); Monitor one year on-site only
Preloaded Software
Operating System
Windows 95, optional DOS 6.22 and Windows for Workgroups 3.11
Temperature (operating) 5 to +35 degrees C
Temperature (non-op.) 0 to +55 degrees C
R. humidity (operating) 20 to 80%
R. humidity (non-op.) 20 to 80%
These products comply with the following European Directives:
EN73/23/EEC Low Voltage Directive (EN60950)
EN89/336/EEC EMC Directive (EN55022, etc.)
EN93/68/EEC CE Marking Directive
And are designed to meet International standards for:-
Safety: UL1950
EMC: VCCI 1 or 2
Keys/buttons 105 key
Layout Windows 95
Interface PS/2
Cable length 2m
Dimensions: w x d x h 465 x 170 x 45mm
weight 1.4Kg
Keys/buttons 2
Interface PS/2
Resolution 400dpi
Cable length 1.85m
Dimensions: w x d x h 60 x 113 x 34mm
weight 130g
Value Range 14" SVGAe 15" FST EVGAe 17" FST EVGAe
Product Code XJ54137W XJ57558W XJ58210
Standard SVGAe EVGAe EVGAe
CRT size (diag.) 14" 15" 17"
CRT type Anti-glare / static FST anti-glare / static FST dynamic focus,
black tinted black tinted anti-glare/static, black tinted
Display area 260 x 190 (+/-3mm) 270 x 203 (+/-3mm) 305 x 230 (+/-3.5mm)
Dot pitch 0.28mm 0.28mm 0.28mm
Phosphor P22 P22 P22
Video input Analogue RGB Analogue RGB Analogue RGB
Horizontal scan rate 30-50KHz 30-50KHz 30-65KHz
Vertical refresh rate 50-100Hz 50-100Hz 50-110Hz
Max. video bandwidth 65MHz 65MHz 110MHz
Typical factory preset's 1024 x 768 @ 60Hz 1024 x 768 @ 60Hz 1280 x 1024 @ 60Hz
800 x 600 @ 75Hz 800 x 600 @ 75Hz 1024 x 768 @ 75Hz
Power: full operation 80W 85W 120W
standby <25W <30W <30W
active off <5W <5W <5W
Power Supply 220-240V 200-240V 220-250V
Power management VESA DPMS support VESA DPMS support VESA DPMS support
for EPA compliance for EPA compliance for EPA compliance
EMI/RFI approvals CE mark compliant CE mark compliant CE mark compliant
TCO '92 support No No No
DDC1 / DDC 2B support No No No
Safety approvals EN60-950 EN60-950 EN60-950
Dimensions: w x d x h (mm) 351 x 384x327 351 x 384 x 327 411 x 480 x 380
weight 12Kg 14Kg 23Kg
Professional Range 15" Trinitron 17" Diamond Pro 67TXV 21" Diamond Pro 91TXM
Product Code XJ59296 XJ59684 XJ59489
Standard EVGAe EVGAe EVGAe
CRT size (diag.) 15" 17" 21"
CRT type Trinitron Diamondtron Diamondtron
anti-glare/static anti-glare/static anti-glare/static
Aperture grille Dark tinted Black tinted
Display area 270 x 202 (+/-2.5mm) 300 x 225 (+/- 5mm) 380 x 285 (+/- 5mm)
Dot pitch 0.26mm 0.25mm 0.28mm
Phosphor P22 P22 B22 (EBU)
Video input Analogue RGB Analogue RGB Analogue RGB
Horizontal scan rate 30-70KHz 30-69KHz 30-95KHz
Vertical refresh rate 50-120Hz 50-125Hz 50-152Hz
Max. video bandwidth 100MHz 100MHz 180MHz
Typical factory preset's 1280 x 1024 @ 60Hz 1280 x 1024 @ 60Hz 1600 x 1200 @ 75Hz
1024 x 768 @ 85Hz 1024 x 768 @ 85Hz 1280 x 1024 @ 85Hz
Power: full operation 110W 115W 150W
standby <15W <15W <15W
active off <8W <8W <8W
Power Supply 90-132V, 198-264V 100-120V, 220-240V 100-120V, 220-240V
Power harmonic correction EN61000-3-2 EN61000-3-2
Power management VESA DPMS support VESA DPMS support VESA DPMS support
for EPA compliance for EPA compliance for EPA compliance
EMI/RFI approvals CE mark compliant CE mark compliant CE mark compliant
TCO '92 support Yes Yes Yes
DDC1 / DDC 2B support Yes Yes Yes
Safety approvals EN60-950 EN60-950 EN60-950
Dimensions: wxdxh (mm) 368 x 384.5 x 373 410 x 425 x 406 500 x 488 x 490
weight 14Kg 21Kg 35Kg

Mitsubishi Electric PC Division, is also represented by independent Resellers in many countries throughout: Europe, Middle East, Africa, and Far East. For details, contact the International Division. Telephone: +44 121 717 7171. Some peripheral products are brought in and sold on by Mitsubishi Electric from organisations which may not have ISO 9000 (BS5750) registration.

Apricot Computers Limited and/or Apricot Systems Centre terms and conditions of trading apply. Apricot reserves the right to alter specifications without prior notice. Details of all registered trademarks are available on request. While Apricot makes every endeavour, not all add-in features on its systems will be supported by all subsequent releases of add-in cards and peripherals.

Specifications and options may vary from country to country.




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