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Apricot LS700
The high performance mini-tower PC


System Overview

Features & Benefits

Technical Specifications

  • 266MHz or 300MHz Pentium® II processor
  • Up to 348MB high performance SDRAM
  • State-of-the-art Intel 440LX PCIset chipset
  • Ultra DMA/33 high performance HDD
  • Integrated 64-bit AGP graphics
  • 200 Watt power-supply
  • Six expansion slots
  • Six drive bays
  • UK built

System Overview
The Apricot LS700 combines the highest levels of performance and value for money in a mini-tower chassis with massive room for expansion. Now there's virtually no limit to your choice when it comes to specifying your business PC. With the LS700, you can start with the right combination of processing power, memory and hard disk, and be confident that the system will expand as your needs change; CD-ROM, tape streamer, additional hard drives, modem -- almost without limit. Because the LS700 meets our own exacting performance and expansion standards, you can be sure that whatever additions you need to make in the future, the LS700 will grow with your business, not restrict it.

Highly Specified
Models are available with Pentium® II processors, running at 266MHz or 300MHz. The LS700 provides the highest level of performance available today using Intel's latest processor technology. The standard 32MB of high performance SDRAM can be expanded to 384MB, and there is a high performance, large capacity hard disk drive. Every component is chosen from the best available to ensure that the LS700 lives up to the promise of the Mitsubishi name: from the fast PCI internal bus, to the accelerated AGP graphics sub-system.

Expandable and upgradeable
The LS700 does more than just provide room for expansion: it offers a choice of three dedicated PCI slots, two dedicated ISA and an additional dual-standard slot. There are no less than six drive bays, and a 200 watt power supply to feed them all. The upgrading process has been well thought out too: with Intel's latest SEC cartridge design for simple processor upgrades and up to 384MB of memory can be installed in the three DIMM sockets.

Future-proof design
The LS700 has been designed to anticipate future processor developments: the LS700 mother-board incorporates the Intel Socket 1 processor architecture, which enables support for future revisions of Pentium® II processors, giving the buyer a wide range of options for the future.

Energy Saving
The LS700 model has BIOS facilities which you can use to put it into "Low Power" power saving mode. This switches off the monitor power and the fan, and stops the hard disk, saving wear and tear on the machine, as well as your electricity bill. When you wish to resume work, a simple keystroke or a touch of the mouse button puts you back in business within a few seconds.

Built in the UK
Mitsubishi Electric's PC Division is one of Britain's longest established and most experienced computer manufacturers. All PCs and Servers are designed and built in the UK under the control of ISO 9001 (1994) quality management systems and backed by the world class manufacturing expertise and resources of one of the world's largest industrial groups.

All LS Series products are available with multiple connectivity options. These ensure that the business advantages of Internet, Intranet and Extranet technologies can be fully exploited, allowing greater productivity and communications regardless of the size of your organisation. With integrated ethernet to high-speed modems and ISDN, all connectivity options have been investigated to give simple but effective connectivity to your local area network or even further afield to the World Wide Web, the electronic network that spans the globe.

Features & Benefits
The LS700 mini tower system is at the forefront of technology, providing sufficient power for today's user while including performance headroom for future applications and reducing long term ownership costs.
Intel Pentium® II processor running at 266MHz or 300MHz
  • Highest performance Intel processor ensures of delivers power for the most demanding applications.
  • Latest processor architecture guarantees system longevity.

32Kb Level 1 cache

  • L1 cache size is twice as large as in Pentium® Pro processors; boosting performance for all types of applications.

512Kb Level 2 cache

  • Closely coupled 4 way set associative L2 cache ensures maximum availability of data to the processor, providing maximum system throughput.

MMX(tm) technology

  • Enhances the performance of media-intensive and communications applications.
  • Provides performance headroom for future applications, reducing long-term capital costs.

Intel Slot 1

  • New Single Edge Contact cartridge form factor provides support for future revisions of Pentium® II processors and simplifies upgradability.

Intel 440 LX PCIset

  • Optimized architecture for workstations and high-performance desktops, improves system throughput.
  • Concurrent PCI architecture for faster, smoother multimedia performance.

SDRAM DIMM Memory support

  • SDRAM provides higher performance levels than traditional Fast Page RAM.
  • DIMM modules allow greater upgrade flexibility.

32MB RAM as standard

  • Sufficient memory for today's memory hungry GUI operating systems.
  • Support for up to 384MB RAM allows flexibility for future needs.

ATI 3D Rage Pro 64-bit AGP graphics accelerator with 4MB SDRAM video memory

  • 64-bit AGP graphics accelerator provides new levels of performance for all types of applications.
  • Refresh rates up to 200Mhz allow flicker-free images.
  • Up to 16.7Million colours (true-colour) in all system configurations allows correct colour matching for desk top publishing and graphical applications.
  • Full range of drivers ensures maximum operating system choice.
  • Resolutions up to 1600 x 1200 for improved clarity.
  • Expandable to 8MB SGRAM for increased colour depth at highest resolutions.
Large, fast access HDD
  • High performance Ultra DMA/33 hard disk of 3.2GB or 4.3GB provides sufficient storage for today's data-rich applications.

Mini-tower case with security loop

  • Acts as deterrent to component theft and ensures that all hardware in your system remains secure.

Software security

  • Access to system and BIOS Setup can be limited by password control to prevent unauthorised use.
  • FD access can be disabled to prevent removal of data or virus infection.

PCI and ISA expansion

  • Allows use of industry standard ISA and 32-bit PCI expansion cards offering increased upgrade flexibility.

Parallel port

  • ECP/EPP Parallel port provides hi-performance bi-directional communication with intelligent printers.

Dual Serial ports

  • 16550 UART for high speed serial connections.

PS/2 Mouse port

  • Dedicated mouse port ensures that both serial ports are available for use.

Plug and Play

  • Easier upgrade path with reduced support costs.

On-board 16-bit business audio

  • SoundBlaster compatible 16-bit audio provides high quality sound* for multimedia applications.
  • Speakers not included with standard model

Dual USB ports

  • Offers 'plug & play' functionality for out of the
    box peripherals.
  • Allows simple connection of up to 127 devices

DMI 2.0 compliant

  • Provides asset management and error notification for reduced cost of ownership.
  • Industry standard solution allows use of 3rd party management tools.

Microsoft Windows NT 4 operating system

  • Enhancements in Windows NT take advantage of certain advanced features in the Intel processors, which enable applications to run faster and improve manageability of servers and desktop systems.

Optional Windows 95 operating system

  • Pentium® II processor architecture delivers high performance with both 16 and 32-bit operating systems allowing Windows® 95 users to benefit from increased throughput.
The Intel inside logo and Pentium are registered trademarks and MMX is a trademark of Intel Corporation.



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