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Apricot LS Pro (Caracal)

The ultimate network PC

System Overview
Standard Features
Features & Benefits
Technical Specifications

  • Integrated Network Architecture
  • Apricot LOC Technology Security
  • Integrated Enhanced Business Audio
  • Two Processor Options Intel 486DX2-66 or Intel DX4-100
  • PCMCIA Expansion
  • High Power Local Bus Video Acceleration
  • Full Range of Fast Access Hard Drives
  • High Resolution Low Radiation Monitors
  • Up to 64MB RAM Expansion
  • IBM Compatible
  • UK Built

Apricot reserves the right to alter specifications without prior notice.

The information contained in these specifications was correct at the time of compilation.
May 10th, 1995

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System Overview

The era of dumb terminals is over.

Network users expectations are much higher than ever before and so they rightly demand the best from their desktop network stations.

The rapid change from centralised processing to connected, localised power has created the need for the Apricot LS Pro network PC. This latest incarnation of the acclaimed LS Pro range is set to fulfil the new requirements - completely.

Less is Best

The first thing that this compact system will do is give you back more of your desktop. Using the latest integration technology, the LS Pro has a much smaller footprint than many of its contemporaries. The same technology also makes the LS Pro much more energy-efficient so whether you need one or one thousand, you will benefit from its frugal appetite for power.

Well Connected

Coming from a company that has shown leadership in the networked computing market for over a decade, the Apricot LS Pro is an agile network performer.

Full support is provided for Thin Wire and Twisted Pair Ethernet with the options of Thick Wire Ethernet or Token Ring available.

Solid Security

The LS Pro will not only improve your productivity, it will also make sure that your hard work does not go astray. Fitted as standard with LOC Technology the PC industry's most effective security system, the LS Pro will give a cold shoulder to all gate-crashers.

Sound Investment

The LS Pro is designed to provide everything needed to work more efficiently. The inclusion of Enhanced Business Audio as standard means that you are well equipped to use the increasing number of packages that incorporate audio functions. So whether you wish to voice annotate a memo or send an audio message across the network, you can rely on the LS Pro to provide the capability.

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Standard Features

Mass Storage

1.44MB floppy drive
Selection of high speed IDE drives


Local Bus Enhanced VGA graphics, 1MB or 2MB Video RAM

Integrated Network Architecture

Integrated 32-bit local bus network controller
Support for three types of Ethernet connection


Apricot LOC Technology advanced access control system


Enhanced Business audio, fully MPC-compliant
16-bit output via integral amplified speaker


PCMCIA Type 2 & 3 slots
One RS232 serial port & One parallel port


14", 15" or 17" low radiation monitors
Enhanced 102 keyboard
Microsoft mouse
Apricot Microphone

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Features and Benefits

Plug & Go High Performance Networking

An embedded 32-bit bus master network controller is fitted to the LS Pro using the VL local bus to ensure rapid network performance. Quick and easy connection to all the major network standards is provided by Thin Ethernet and Twisted Pair Ethernet connectors at the rear of the system supported by a comprehensive range of high performance network drivers.

PCMCIA Expansion Sockets

Developed to serve the needs of mobile computing, the compact, low power advantages of PCMCIA cards are now providing the same benefits for desktop systems. Each LS Pro has two PCMCIA slots - one type 2 and one type 3. The variety and availability of industry-compatible PCMCIA options is now large and constantly expanding. Using the slots you could add a variety of functions to the LS Pro such as: Token Ring interface; removable mass storage; FAX / MODEM capabilities; flash memory; a SCSI interface or many other options.

MPC-Compliant Business Audio

Enhanced Business Audio capabilities form part of the base specification for all LS Pro models. The integrated sound controller complies fully with the Microsoft Multimedia Personal Computer (MPC) specification, ensuring full compatibility with a wide range of audio-rich business and entertainment software. Also supplied as standard is the unique Apricot microphone that clips neatly onto the keyboard, ready to receive your commands and comments.

Intel 486DX2-66 or 486DX4-100

Two processor options allow the level of performance to be exactly matched to the needs of every user. As requirements change, the system can be upgraded using the industry standard processor socket.

Apricot LOC Security

Keeping your work safe, not only from passing opportunists, but also from more determined attacks is a job for the Apricot LOC Technology security system. Optionally, the system will not respond until it receives a signal from the unique KeyLOC infra-red token card. Up to four users can be configured for each system, each with tailored parameters enabling restricted, timed access and the disabling of drives and I/O ports.

Video acceleration

The stunning video performance of the LS Pro models is made possible by the use of accelerated local bus video processors. Using the 32-bit local bus to couple each video accelerator to the main system processor ensures that even the most graphically intensive applications move like lightening.

High resolution 14", 15" and 17" Monitors

Each LS Pro is supplied with a choice of high resolution monitors that perfectly match the fast graphic capabilities of the systems. All monitor options meet and exceed the latest European standards for safety and emissions.


By adhering to the latest computer industry standards, Apricot engineers have ensured that the LS Pro can be easily upgraded with widely available components and peripherals.

Dedicated mouse port

A PS/2-compatible port is fitted specifically for use by the supplied mouse. This means that the standard serial port is free for use by other devices.

Stylish design

In this age of dreary desktop boxes, the low profile LS Pro provides a refreshing touch of practical elegance and style.

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Technical Specifications

Model / Processor LS Pro 486DX2-66 LS Pro 486DX4-100
Type Intel 486DX2 Intel 486DX4-100
Clock speed (Internal) 66MHz 100MHz
Clock speed (External) 33MHz 33MHz
Internal cache 8KB 16KB
Coprocessor Integral Integral
Data/address bus 32-bits 32-bits
CPU socket type 237-pin ZIF (Type 3) 237-pin ZIF (Type 3)
iCOMP benchmark 297 435
Core logic chipset VLSI VL82C483 VLSI VL82C483


External cache
Model / Processor LS Pro 486DX2-66 LS Pro 486DX4-100
Supplied 256KB 256KB
Maximum 256KB 256KB
Mapping Direct Direct
Writing scheme Write back Write back
Cache speed 20ns 20ns


Model / Processor LS Pro 486DX2-66 LS Pro 486DX4-100
Supplied 4MB 4MB
Maximum 64MB 64MB
Type 32-bit SIMM 32-bit SIMM
Speed 70ns 70ns
Fitted RAM location Motherboard Motherboard
Parity None None
Sockets : total 2 2
: free 2 2
Sizes supported 1, 2, 4, 8, 16 & 32MB 1, 2, 4, 8, 16 & 32MB


Model / Processor LS Pro 486DX2-66 LS Pro 486DX4-100
Size 256KB 256KB
Type Flash ROM Flash ROM
Shadowable Yes Yes


Model / Processor LS Pro 486DX2-66 LS Pro 486DX4-100
Controller Cirrus Logic GD5430 Cirrus Logic GD5434
Interface VL Local Bus VL Local Bus
Location Motherboard Motherboard
Video memory: supplied 1MB 2MB
maximum 1MB 2MB
Max N.I. resolution @ 1MB 1024 x 768 (256 colours) N/A
Max N.I. resolution @ 2MB N/A 1280 x 1024 (256 colours)
Max N.I. colours @ 1MB 16.8 million (640 x 480) N/A
Max N.I. colours @ 2MB N/A 16.8 million (800 x 600)


Model / Processor LS Pro 486DX2-66 LS Pro 486DX4-100
Controller Crystal CS4231 Crystal CS4231
Compatibility Microsoft MPC Microsoft MPC
A/D converter resolution 16-bit 16-bit
Speaker 1W, 16 Ohm 1W, 16 Ohm


Model / Processor LS Pro 486DX2-66 LS Pro 486DX4-100
Controller AMD PCnet-32 AMD PCnet-32
Protocols Thin Ethernet (BNC connector)
TPE (RJ-45 connector)
Thick Ethernet (AUI header)
Thin Ethernet (BNC connector)
TPE (RJ-45 connector)
Thick Ethernet (AUI header)
Remote booting support RPL boot ROM RPL boot ROM


Model / Processor LS Pro 486DX2-66 LS Pro 486DX4-100
Technology Apricot LOC Apricot LOC
Access control Password, User ID & IR Card Password, User ID & IR Card
Max no. of registered users 4 4


Expansion (free)
Model / Processor LS Pro 486DX2-66 LS Pro 486DX4-100
PCMCIA Slots 2 (2) 2 (2)
Slot A support Types I, II and III Types I, II and III
Slot B support Types I and II Types I and II


I/O ports
Model / Processor LS Pro 486DX2-66 LS Pro 486DX4-100
Serial: quantity 2 serial channels available
(using splitter cable)
2 serial channels available
(using splitter cables)
connectors 1 x 25-pin D-SUB 1 x 25-pin D-SUB
Parallel: quantity 1 1
type ECP/EPP compliant ECP/EPP compliant
ISA bus IDE controller
ATA IDE standard Mode 2 Mode 2
Connector type 40-pin 40-pin
Max data transfer 6MB/s 6MB/s
Keyboard type PS/2 PS/2
Mouse type PS/2 PS/2


Power supply
Model / Processor LS Pro 486DX2-66 LS Pro 486DX4-100
Rating (constant) 75W 75W
Rating (peak) 85W 85W
Type Switched mode Switched mode
Voltage setting External switch External switch
Voltage input range (AC) 85-132V & 180-264V 85-132V & 180-264V
Frequency input range 47-63Hz 47-63Hz
Max loads: +5V 12A 12A
+12V 1.2A 1.2A
-12V 0.1A 0.1A
External connectors IEC in / IEC out IEC in / IEC out


Floppy drive
Model / Processor LS Pro 486DX2-66 LS Pro 486DX4-100
Type / capacity 3.5" / 1.44MB 3.5" / 1.44MB
Controller Embedded Embedded


All Model Details

Hard Drives 365MB 730MB
Average Access 11ms 11.5ms
Track to track seek 4ms 4ms
Burst data rate 5.9MB/sec 5.9MB/sec
Cache 128KB 128KB
MTBF 300 000 poh 300 000 poh
System Dimensions
Width x depth x height 380 x 380 x 70mm
Weight 6.2Kg
Standard cover 12 months on-site - UK mainland only (subject to registration fee)
Preloaded Software
Operating System DOS 6.22 and Windows for Workgroups 3.11 (UK mainland only)
Drivers Graphic display drivers for Windows for Workgroups 3.11, OS/2, AutoCAD, AutoSHADE, Word 5.x and WordPerfect 5.1
Temp. (operating) +5 to +35 C
Temp. (non-op.) 5 to +65 C
R. humidity (operat'g) 10 to 80%
R. humidity (non-op) 10 to 80%
EMI/RFI approvals Compliant with European CE mark regulations for Emissions Susceptibility.
FCC Class B, VCCI Level 2
Safety approvals EN 60-950, UL 1950
Monitors 14" SVGAe 14" EVGAe 15" EVGAe 17" EVGAe
CRT size (diagonal) 14" 14" 15" 17"
CRT Type Anti-glare Anti-glare Super Fine Trinitron
FST dynamic focus, anti-glare/static
Display area 245 x 183 (+/- 3mm) 260 x 190 (+/- 3mm) 270 x 202 (+/- 2mm) 290 x 218 (+/- 8mm)
Dot pitch 0.28mm 0.28mm 0.26mm 0.28mm
Phosphor P22 P22 P22 P22
Video input Analogue RGB Analogue RGB Analogue RGB Analogue RGB
Max video bandwidth 44.9MHz 85MHz 107MHz 130MHz
Max res. x vert freq (non-interlaced) 800 x 600 x 60Hz 1024 x 768 x 70Hz
800 x 600 x 72Hz
1280 x 1024 x 60Hz
1024 x 768 x 75Hz
1600 x 1200 x 60Hz
1280 x 1024 x 76Hz
Power: full operation Less than 80W Less than 85W 110W maximum 130W maximum
standby Less than 30W Less than 30W 8W maximum Less than 10W
Power management VESA DPMS support for EPA compliance VESA DPMS support for EPA compliance VESA DPMS support for EPA compliance VESA DPMS support for EPA compliance
EMI/RFI approvals EN 55022 Limit B
VDE 0871 Vfg 243 Limit B, MPRII
EN 55022 Limit B
VDE 0871 Vfg 243 Limit B, MPRII
CE mark compliant
EN 55022 Limit B
VDE 0871 Vfg 243 Limit B, MPRII
Safety approvals EN60-950 EN60-950 EN60-950 EN60-950
Dimensions: wxdxh 351 x 384 x 327mm 361 x 382 x 345mm 368 x 385 x 373mm 411 x 480 x 380mm
weight 11.5Kg 12Kg 13.7Kg 23Kg
Input Devices Keyboard Mouse Microphone
Keys / buttons 102 2 Mute switch
Interface PS/2 PS/2 Jack plug
Resolution N/A 400dpi N/A
Cable length 3m 1.83m 0.9m
Dimensions: wxdxh 488 x 205 x 40mm 63 x 114 x 40mm 48 x 175 x 24mm
weight 1.4Kg 127g 40g

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