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Mitsubishi Electric has extended its highly successful MS range with the introduction of the new Apricot MS660 mini-tower system, a highly expandable and space saving deskside format which gives you even more choice. And by incorporating the Intel Pentium processor with MMX™ technology*, this system represents the very latest in home multimedia solutions, providing the most compelling graphics performance ever seen in a system of this class.
Like all Apricot home multimedia solutions the MS660 represents the very best multimedia system money can buy. This outstanding mini-tower provides a higher standard of performance than the competition for a number of very simple reasons:
  • We control the design and build process from start to finish - we don't just throw together bought-in components and hope for the best.
  • Our UK factory works to uncompromising quality control standards - to provide one of the most reliable and durable systems on the market today.
  • Apricot MS systems are only as good as their component parts; that's why we only choose the best - such as Sony CD ROM, Creative Labs SoundBlaster audio and Intel processors.
  • The Apricot MS660 implements the latest in hardware accelerated 3D graphics-from the stunning ATI 3D Rage to the arcade quality of the 3Dfx Voodoo controller on the Diamond Multimedia Monster 3D.
  • We understand what the home multimedia user wants from their system - high performance not just high specification; leading edge technology but easy to use; a sound investment but good value for money.
  • It includes the Intel Pentium processor with
    MMX™ technology to give it the best audio and graphics performance any games player could ever wish; and moreover, delivers around 10% performance improvement when running normal applications.



Powerful 20 watt external speakers deliver awesome sound quality. For even greater definition we've added a Deep Sound Sub-Woofer which delivers outstanding bass response and surround sound. All MS660 models utilise the industry leading SoundBlaster audio technology from Creative Labs for the ultimate stereo sound experience.

Processing The inclusion of MMX™ technology brings new depths to multimedia functionality, both now and in the future. Apricot systems regularly deliver well above average performance - results borne out by independent benchtests in leading computer publications.

This is the ultimate entertainment PC. All MS660 models bring arcade quality games into the home with fantastically lifelike graphics, which makes objects appear clearer and surface textures more like the real thing. This high level of image definition, coupled with a high resolution monitor, and you'd almost feel you were there!
In addition to a superb selection of inclusive software titles for games, education and home reference, we've also added 5 extra titles which will take full advantage of the MMX™ technology. There's enough software here to keep the hungriest gamester occupied.
Apricot systems are among the
easiest to set up and use. We ensure that every Apricot user can get started with the minimum of fuss, and can use the system easily for everyday tasks. The simple point and play infra-red remote control makes it easy to select software, audio CD, and other functions through Apricot's unique Easy Manager™ front-end screen.

All MS660 models come with a high-performance V34 fax/modem and a year's free Internet access. Access the world or pages closer to home such as the Apricot InTouch site, a selection of Web pages compiled specifically for Apricot users.

Input your own personal password onto your computer's Bios ROM to prevent access, and to enable your PC to be returned to you in the event of its theft.

All Apricot MS series models are designed to be easy to use, but in the unlikely event of a major problem, the Recovery CD supplied will reset your PC to its original condition.

The Welcome Mat is an easy to follow set-up guide that will show you, step by step, how to get your PC up and running.


The Internet is a great way of learning, making new friends and having fun! It's like a huge library that you can visit from your own computer, in your own home or workplace all at the touch of a button.

And now you too can enter this exciting world and surf the Net free for a whole yearwhen you buy a new Apricot MS660 from Mitsubishi Electric!

Yes, your free subscription to Infotrade Internet plus Electronic Mail is included with your computer, together with simple instructions that will get you on line in minutes!



Apricot Intouch is a collection of World Wide Web pages compiled specifically for Apricot computer users. As well as useful hints and tips to help you get the best from your new Apricot PC, you'll find a wealth of additional information on a wide variety of general interest topics.

Whether you're a business user looking for up to the minute city news, an avid games player searching for the latest releases or a diligent parent eager to assist in your children's education, we're confident you'll find compelling content here. With links to the world's best search engines, the hottest web sites and with regular updates from our team of highly skilled product specialists, you may never need another home page!

For news, weather, sport, entertainment, travel, education,

technical tips and a great deal more, reach out and get Intouch with Apricot.

So, now you know all about the Internet come and join the fun!

Offer includes 2 hours free access per month, for 12 months. Telephone connection charges not included. Additional time is charged at Infotrade's standard rates, currently 2.5p per minute, including VAT.
Credit card required. You can access Infotrade via local-rate call throughout the UK (excluding mobile phones). Offer expires 30 days from date of purchase. No later than 31 March 1997.


Certificate No.'s:
FM 1716 FS 21715 FS 30305

Apricot Computers Limited
3500 Parkside
Birmingham Business Park
Birmingham B37 7YS

Tel +44 (0) 121 717 7171
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Not all outlets will stock all Apricot multimedia computers or configurations. Software bundles may vary on some models Software may vary in different outlets. Please contact your local stockists for details and actual current prices. Some peripheral products are brought in and supplied on by Mitsubishi Electric PC Division from organisations which may not have BS5750 registration.
Mitsubishi Electric PC Division reserves the right to alter prices and specifications without prior notice. E&OE.

*Pentium is a registered trademark and MMX is a trademark of the Intel Corporation. All registered trademarks are acknowledged.




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