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Server Options

19" Rack; External Disk Unit; Rack Mount Kit

Technical Specifications . . .

Rack shown without stabilising plinth

19" Rack
A comprehensive, Mitsubishi styled 19" rack solution provides an ideal enclosure for a well managed server environment where security, manageability and space efficiency are key.

This industry standard 42U high unit comes complete with a rack mounted APC UPS, 9-way power block, lockable front door, monitor shelf, sliding keyboard shelf and stabilising plinth to ensure minimum installation time and maximum convenience.

External Disk Unit
Designed for today's disk hungry applications and future expansion, the external disk unit adds an additional 54GB* of external hot swap, fault tolerant storage.

For total flexibility the unit is available in both RAID and non-RAID configurations with redundant hot swap power supply as standard. This level of fault tolerance ensures your data remains intact and available and is ideal for clustering solutions.

Rack Mount Kit
The rack mount kit has been specifically designed to allow FT1200 and FT1400 servers to be effectively housed in the Mitsubishi 19" rack**.

This easy to fit option mounts the server horizontally, on a sliding shelf, giving complete and uncomplicated access to the system for upgrades and expansion.

The solution also maintains an instrumented, lockable front panel for secondary security and provides cable management points to ensure secure connection of all cables.


bsi logo.b/w * Using 9GB drives.

** Will fit most industry standard 19" 800 x 600 racks.


Technical Specifications

19" Rack


Rack shown
with stabilising plinth

Dimensions (w x d x h) 600mm x 800mm x 42U
Top Cover 1 off, Fully Vented
Side Panels 2 off
Rear Door 1 off, Fully Vented
Front Door 1 off, Lockable, Glass, Part Vented
Stabilising Plinth 1 off
Fixed Monitor Shelf 1 off
Sliding Keyboard / Mouse Shelf 1 off
Power Distribution Block 1 off, 9-way
UPS (included)
Model APC 1000V/A
Maximum power load 1000 V/A
Mains failure runtime 15mins (approx.) subject to loading
Server Rack Mount Kit
Servers Supported FT1200, FT1400
Installation 19" rack mount conversion kit
Height 6U
Access Sliding shelf
Security Instrumented, Lockable front panel
Cable Management Cable fixing bracket at rear
Indicators Power on, HDD activity
NOTE : FT2400 uses separate rack mount kit XB61584
External Disk Unit
Servers Supported Mitsubishi FT1200, FT1400, FT2400
Floor Standing
Installation Desktop tower chassis
Dimensions (w x d x h) 7.75" x 17.75" x 15.5"
Drives 6 (Max) SCA-2 Ultra Wide SCSI Hot swappable
Indicators 6 off, HDD activity
SCSI Channels 2 (Max)
Power Supply 2 off, Redundant, 300 watt Hot swappable
I/O Ports 2 sets, 68 Pin SCSI-3
1 off, RS-232C interface
Cooling 2 off, PSU fans
1 off, Hot swappable front to rear cooling fan
Raid Option
Type Adaptec 4312
Cache Supplied 16MB data, 4MB parity
Maximum SCSI transfer 40MB/s
SCSI bus support Ultra Wide
SCSI Channels 3 (1 host, 2 disk)
RAID support 0,1, 3, 4 and 5



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