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Apricot XEN-PC

High performance, multi-media PCs with integrated modem

System Overview
Standard Features
Features & Benefits
Technical Specifications

  • Integrated Quad-Speed CD-ROM, Sound Blaster Vibra-16 and Stereo Speakers
  • V.32bis Fax/Modem with FREE Compuserve Offer
  • Intel 486DX4-100 and Pentium™-75 Processor Options
  • High Power VL or PCI Local Bus Video Acceleration
  • Up to 2GB of Fast Access Hard Disk Storage
  • High Resolution Low Radiation Monitors
  • Up to 128MB RAM Expansion
  • IBM Compatible
  • Apricot Style and Ergonomics
  • UK Built

Apricot reserves the right to alter specifications without prior notice.

The information contained in these specifications was correct at the time of compilation.
May 23rd, 1995


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System Overview

For the ultimate in multimedia power and Internet connectivity, look no further than the Apricot XEN-PCM ONLINE. This high performance range has been designed from scratch to give you everything required to mix information with high quality sound and graphics. Just one look at the stylish casing reveals that this stereo-speakered power-house means business.

In the last 12 months there has been an explosion of interest in the Internet, Information Superhighways and almost anything to do with CyberSpace. The result has been growing demand from both home and business users for systems to access the world wide web. Whatever your objective - simply getting connected to an e-mail service or exploring subjects as diverse as the convertibility of the Russian rouble or the next antipodean eclipse - you will marvel at the capability to share information and ideas with people from around the globe, using the fast, integrated modem of the XEN-PCM ONLINE.

The Essential Mix

Straight from the box, the XEN-PCM ONLINE is all you need to use and enjoy the rich assortment of multimedia applications now available. The advanced Sound Blaster system provides lucid recording and playback of all sound and music from multiple sources such as MIDI keyboards or the integral CD-ROM. The high quality Sony quad speed drive is chosen for its superior performance, rapidly accessing everything from music CDs to image packed Kodak PhotoCDs. The resulting plethora of input signals and sounds can be controlled using the XEN-PCM ONLINE's pre-loaded mixing utilities and then output via the amplified stereo speakers.

Classic Performance

The XEN-PCM ONLINE range offers two powerful processor options, the Intel 486DX4-100 and the Intel Pentium-75 so that you can match the system to your exact needs. Accelerated local bus video is standard on all models, while Pentium-based systems utilise the Cirrus Logic GD5434 graphics accelerator. Also optionally available is the last word in video control: The Matrox MGA Impression Plus rated at over 40 million WinMarks using the new WinMarks benchmarking system - WinBench Vr4.

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Standard Features

Mass Storage

1.44MB floppy drive
Internal quad speed CD-ROM
Selection of high speed IDE drives


Local Bus Enhanced VGA graphics
1 or 2MB Video RAM


Sound Blaster Vibra-16 expansion board
4 operator, 20 voice synthesis via OPL3 chip
Stereo output via built-in speakers


One ISA 16-bit expansion slot
One PCI 32-bit slot (shared ) on Pentium models
Two RS232 serial ports
One bi-directional parallel port


14", 15" or 17" low radiation monitors
Enhanced 102 keyboard
Microsoft mouse


Integrated Express 14.4 Modem

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Features and Benefits

Sound Blaster audio technology

A key element of a multimedia system is the audio controller and the XEN-PCM ONLINE is centred around the industry leading Sound Blaster Vibra-16. Precision Digital Signal Processing circuitry that can record and play back sounds up to, and beyond, the range of human hearing ensures that your ears will deceive you.

Integral quad speed CD-ROM drive

For serious multimedia work a high specification CD-ROM drive is essential. For this reason the XEN-PCM ONLINE is supplied with an integrated device positioned behind the unique centre fold-down hatch. The drive spins CD-ROM disks at four times the normal speed in order to provide much improved access times. When you wish to play music CDs the drive automatically returns to single speed to provide excellent sound quality.

High Performance Data/Fax Modem

Get connected to other online users with e-mail and fax; explore the wonderful world of the Internet. Included with each XEN-PCM ONLINE is the necessary hardware and software plus a special Compuserve offer (1 month FREE trial*) to help get you started.

* 1 month membership and 10 usage

Amplified stereo speaker system

The XEN-PCM ONLINE is a completely integrated system and unlike most other multimedia machines, this includes the speaker system. Twin amplified speakers neatly set within the front panel of the XEN-PCM ONLINE provide superb stereo response. Alternatively, an output jack at the rear of the casing allows you to channel sound to headphones or an externally amplified stereo system.

MIDI Interface

Linking keyboards, sequencers and other instrumental hardware to the XEN-PCM ONLINE is quick and easy. A full-duplex MIDI port is provided as standard to allow the transfer of digitised music data.

486DX4-100 or Pentium-75

A choice of processor options allows the correct configuration to be matched exactly to your performance and budget requirements. As those requirements change, each system processor can then be upgraded to meet new demands. Industry-standard processor sockets make upgrading to next generation processors a quick and easy task.

Supplied with 8MB RAM

With 8MB on-board, every XEN-PCM ONLINE is ready from the outset to tackle Windows, OS/2 and other memory intensive applications. Upgrading is made easy and cost effective using industry standard SIMMs (Single, In-line, Memory Modules) which are widely available.

High capacity, high speed hard drives

Each XEN-PCM ONLINE model is provided with high performance hard disk storage specifically selected to handle the high volumes of data created and used by multimedia applications. Extensive testing by Apricot's System Verification Group ensures that only the highest quality drives from the world's leading vendors are chosen.

Video acceleration

The stunning video performance of the XEN-PCM ONLINE models is made possible by the use of accelerated local bus video processors. Using the 32-bit local bus to couple each video accelerator to the main system processor ensures that even the most graphically intensive applications move like lightening.

1MB video RAM minimum

A minimum of 1MB video RAM means that every XEN-PCM ONLINE is capable of providing non-interlaced, high resolutions straight from the box.

High resolution 14", 15" and 17" Monitors

Each XEN-PCM ONLINE is supplied with a choice of high resolution monitors that perfectly match the fast graphic capabilities of the systems. All monitor options meet and exceed the latest European standards for safety and emissions.


By adhering to the latest computer industry standards, Apricot engineers have ensured that the XEN-PCM ONLINE can be easily upgraded with widely available components and peripherals.

Built in the UK by Apricot

With BS 5750 (ISO 9000) accreditation from sales, marketing, research and development through to manufacture in Scotland, Apricot have been building quality into every computer system for more than twelve years.

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Technical Specifications

Model / Processor 486DX4-100 575
Type Intel 486DX4 Intel Pentium™
Clock speed (Internal) 100MHz 75MHz
Clock speed (External) 33MHz 50MHz
Internal cache 8KB 2 x 8KB
Coprocessor Integral Integral
Data/address bus 32-bits 64/32-bits
CPU socket type 238-pin ZIF 320-pin ZIF (Type 5)
iCOMP benchmark 435 610
Core logic chipset M1429G/31 SuperCore™590


External cache
Model / Processor DX4-100 575
Supplied 256KB 256KB
Maximum 256KB 512KB
Mapping Direct Direct
Writing scheme Write back/write through Write through
Cache/RAM Speed 20ns 15ns


Model / Processor DX4-100 575
Supplied 8MB 8MB
Maximum 64MB 128MB
Type 32-bit SIMM 32-bit SIMM
Speed 70ns 70ns
Fitted RAM location SIMM Sockets SIMM Sockets
Parity None Checked
Sockets: total 4 4
  free 2 2
Sizes supported (MB) 1, 2, 4, 8 & 16MB 1, 2, 4, 8, 16 & 32MB


Model / Processor DX4-100 575
Size 128KB 128KB
Type Flash ROM Flash ROM
Shadowable Yes Yes


Graphics (standard)
Model / Processor DX4-100 575
Controller Cirrus Logic GD5434 Cirrus Logic GD5434
Interface VL Local Bus PCI Local Bus
Location Motherboard Motherboard
Video memory: supplied 1MB 1MB
max 2MB 2MB
Max N.I. resolution @ 1MB 1024 x 768 res. (256 colours) 1024 x 768 res. (256 colours)
Max N.I. resolution @ 2MB 1280 x 1024 res. (256 colours) 1280 x 1024 res. (256 colours)
Max N.I. colours @ 1MB 640 x 480 res. (16.8 million colours) 640 x 480 res. (16.8 million colours)
Max N.I. colours @ 2MB 800 x 600 res. (16.8 million colours) 800 x 600 res. (16.8 million colours)


Pentium Graphics Options
Model / Processor 575
Controller Matrox MGA Impression Plus
Interface PCI Local Bus
Location Expansion board
Video memory: supplied 2MB
maximum 4MB
type VRAM
Max N.I. resolution @ 2MB 1600 x 1200 res. (256 colours)
Max N.I. resolution @ 4MB 1600 x 1200 res. (65K colours)
Max N.I. colours @ 2MB 800 x 600 res. (16.8 million colours)
Max N.I. colours @ 4MB 1280 x 1024 res. (16.8 million colours)


Fax / Modem
Model / Processor All Models
Integral Fax / Modem Express 14.4 Modem
Approvals BABT approved
Specification V.32bis Data, V.17 Group 3 (Class 1 & 2), V.42bis/MNP5 data compression,
V.42bis/MNP2-4 error correction, 16550 UART, Speaker with S/W volume control.
Software WinFax Lite (Windows FAX software), DosFax Lite (DOS FAX software),
COMit (Communication software), Compuserve FREE trial membership pack
(including 1 month membership and 10 usage).


Model / Processor 486DX4-100 575
Model Sound Blaster Vibra-16 Sound Blaster Vibra-16
Location Expansion board Expansion board
Compatibility Sound Blaster & MPC Sound Blaster & MPC
A/D converter resolution. 16-bit 16-bit
CD-ROM interface Yes Yes
Midi / Game Port Yes Yes
Speakers 2 x 4W, 4 Ohm 2 x 4W, 4 Ohm


Floppy drive
Model / Processor 486DX4-100 575
Type / Capacity 3.5" / 1.44MB 3.5" / 1.44MB
Controller Embedded Embedded


Available expansion
Model / Processor 486DX4-100 575
Slots: ISA 16-bit 3 2
PCI 32-bit 0 1 (shared with ISA slot)
Total 3 3
Free 1 (ISA)* 1 (ISA)
3.5" x 1" high enclosed drive bays  1  1
(* one slot measures maximum 17.6cm)


I/O Ports
Model / Processor 486DX4-100 575
Serial: quantity 2 2
connectors 9-pin D-SUB 9-pin D-SUB
Parallel: quantity 1 1
  type ECP/EPP compliant ECP/EPP compliant
ISA bus IDE controller
ATA IDE standard N/A Mode 2
Connector type N/A 40-pin
Max data transfer N/A 4MB/s
Local bus IDE controller VL PCI
ATA IDE standard Mode 3 Mode 3
Connector type 40-pin 40-pin
Max data transfer 11.1MB/s 11.1MB/s
Keyboard type PS/2 PS/2
Mouse type PS/2 PS/2


Power supply
Model / Processor 486DX4-100 575
Rating (constant) 145W 145W
Rating (peak) 179W 179W
Type Switched mode Switched mode
Voltage setting External switch External switch
Voltage input range (AC) 90-132V & 180-264V 90-132V & 180-264V
Frequency input range 47-63Hz 47-63Hz
3.5" internal cables 1 (0 free) 1 (0 free)
5.25" internal cables 3 (1 free) 3 (1 free)
Max loads: +5V 18A 18A
+12V 4.2A 4.2A
-5V 0.3A 0.3A
-12V 0.3A 0.3A
External connectors IEC in; switched IEC out IEC in; switched IEC out


Model / Processor 486DX4-100 575
Model Sony CDU76E Sony CDU76E
Speed Quad spin Quad spin
Buffer memory 256KB 256KB
Sustained transfer rate 600KB/s 600KB/s
Photo CD support Yes (Multi-session) Yes (Multi-session)


All Model Details

Hard Drives 540MB
Type IDE
Average Access 14ms
Track to track seek 5ms
Burst data rate 4.5MB/sec
Cache 128KB
MTBF 300 000 poh
System Dimensions
Width x depth x height 428 x 430 x 94mm
Weight 9.5Kg
Standard cover 12 months on-site - UK mainland only (subject to registration fee)
Preloaded Software
Operating System DOS 6.22 and Windows for Workgroups 3.11 (UK mainland only)
Drivers Relevant graphic display drivers for Windows for Workgroups 3.11, OS/2, AutoCAD, AutoSHADE, Word 5.x and WordPerfect 5.1. Drivers to support the supplied sound card. Note: Matrox controllers are not supplied with DOS application drivers.
Temp. (operating) +10 to +35 C
Temp. (non-op.) 0 to +55 C
R. humidity (operat'g) 20 to 80%
R. humidity (non-op) 20 to 80%
EMI/RFI approvals EN 55022 limit B, VCCI level 2, VDE 0871 VFG 243 Limit B
Safety approvals EN 60-950, UL 1950
Monitors 14" SVGAe 14" EVGAe 15" EVGAe 17" EVGAe
CRT size (diagonal) 14" 14" 15" 17"
CRT Type FST anti-glare FST anti-glare Super Fine Trinitron
FST dynamic focus, anti-glare/static
Display area 245 x 183 (+/- 3mm) 260 x 190 (+/- 3mm) 270 x 202 (+/- 2mm) 290 x 218 (+/- 8mm)
Dot pitch 0.28mm 0.28mm 0.26mm 0.28mm
Phosphor P22 P22 P22 P22
Video input Analogue RGB Analogue RGB Analogue RGB Analogue RGB
Max video bandwidth 44.9MHz 85MHz 107MHz 130MHz
Max resolution
800 x 600 1024 x 768 1280x1024 x 60Hz
1024x768 x 75Hz
1600 x 1200
Power: full operation Less than 80W Less than 85W 110W maximum 130W maximum
standby Less than 30W Less than 30W 8W maximum Less than 10W
Power management VESA DPMS support for EPA compliance VESA DPMS support for EPA compliance VESA DPMS support for EPA compliance VESA DPMS support for EPA compliance
EMI/RFI approvals EN 55022 Limit B
VDE 0871 Vfg 243 Limit B, MPRII
EN 55022 Limit B
VDE 0871 Vfg 243 Limit B, MPRII
CE mark compliant
EN 55022 Limit B
VDE 0871 Vfg 243 Limit B, MPRII
Safety approvals EN60-950 EN60-950 EN60-950 EN60-950
Dimensions: wxdxh 351 x 384 x 327mm 361 x 382 x 345mm 368 x 385 x 373mm 411 x 480 x 380mm
weight 11.5Kg 12Kg 13.7Kg 23Kg
Input Devices Keyboard Mouse
Keys / buttons 102 2
Interface PS/2 PS/2
Resolution N/A 400dpi
Cable length 3m 1.83m
Dimensions: wxdxh 488 x 205 x 40mm 63 x 114 x 40mm
weight 1.4Kg 127g

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