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Latest BIOS Revisions for Apricot Products

BIOS files for Mitsubishi Electric's Apricot PCs and Servers are contained on the Insight Software CD. The BIOS versions are the latest available at the time of going to press.

The complete set of BIOS files, including versions issued after the production of the CD, can be downloaded from the Insight BBS at with the exception of Shogun and FT4200 files which are located in


Notes on older (non-flash) EPROMs

Where ROM sizes are given, these are in Kbits: e.g. a 512Kb ROM is a 65,536 x 8bit device.

Mitsubishi Electric PC Division use and recommend ROMs with the following specification:
UV erasable EPROM, type M27C (CMOS low power), speed 250nS or less.

Always ensure that both ROMs (where applicable) are the same manufacturer and the same speed, otherwise hanging may occur.

Pre-programmed ROMs can be purchased from Mitsubishi Electric's PC Division Technical Support group. Please contact Technical Support on 0121 717 7171 for details.


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