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Xenix - Unix I.P.B. 3103 16th July 1991 (PW)
Department Category Implementation
Unix Software Advisory
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SCO TCP/IP 1.1.3 and SCO NFS 1.1.1

These are the two new versions described in Unix News 10. To install NFS 1.1.1 the version of TCP/IP must be 1.1.3. Earlier versions will not work. Please note these versions require the Unix version to be SCO UNIX V/386 3.2 v2. To install two Western Digital MCA cards with TCP/IP please follow the procedure below.

  1. Physically install the two cards on the suggested settings below:
    BIOS Address I/O Address Interrupt BIOS ROM
    D0000 280H 3 disabled
    D8000 240H 4 disabled

    and disable the on-board serial port with the reference disk. The second card can be placed on interrupt 10 but this will clash with the UPS software in an FTs machine.

  2. Remove any old versions of TCP/IP and NFS and then install the new TCP/IP version with custom.
  3. Free up interrupts 3 and 4 (or 10 is not using UPS) in the kernel by using
    ./configure -c -d -v 3 -m 5
    ./configure -c -d -v 4 -m 5
  4. Install the Western Digital cards by calling mkdev wdn and setting the parameters as suggested in 1.
  5. Set up TCP/IP using mkdev tcp to use the same name but different Internet numbers i.e. ifconfig lines will begin:

    with the remainder of the lines the same in /etc/tcp

  6. . Ensure /etc/hosts has entries reflecting this configuration e.g.: host1 host1

    on each machine which will talk to the multiple Ethernet card machine.

  7. For machines with on-board Ethernet, the on-board driver can be configured in addition to the multiple Western Digital cards. To ensure correct interaction with installed Western Digital cards the line beginning:
    ifconfig e592

    in /etc/tcp should be placed after ifconfig lines for wdn0 and wdn1.

  8. Now reboot the machine and test the configuration by telnetting from another machine to all of the Internet addresses set up during installation.
  9. Having ensured multi-card TCP/IP works you can then install SCO NFS. NFS should never be installed before TCP/IP has been tested between machines.



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