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Xenix - Unix I.P.B. 3130 10th July 1992 (PW)
Department Category Implementation
Xenix Software Advisory
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Xenix TCP/IP 1.2

Apricot have just commenced shipment of SCO Xenix TCP/IP version 1.2 (product code SS49970, RRP 400.00). This version of TCP/IP is for Xenix versions 2.3.2 and later on either MCA or ISA bus machines. The following points relate to installations on Apricot hardware:-

  1. The driver supports up to four 3Com 3C523, 3Com 3C503 or WD 8003 cards although mixes of different cards are not supported. Additional support is included for the IBM Token Ring card and for SLIP lines. A driver for the 3Com 3C527 is available in the Apricot UNIX/Xenix Server Environment Pack.
  2. To install a driver run
    mkdev wdn - to install driver for WD cards
    mkdev 3comB - to install driver for 3Com 3C503
    mkdev 3comC - to install driver for 3Com 3C523
    mkdev token - to install driver for Token Ring

    ensuring that you match the software driver to the Reference Disk settings or switches as appropriate, in particular the WD MCA software default installation specifies an 8k window, you should use a 16k window as set on the card.

  3. To configure the driver into TCP/IP run the command 'mkdev tcp'.

    This new version defaults to a broadcast address of all 1s. The broadcast address may need to be changed if you have any previously installed TCP/IP software. Please check the existing broadcast address of existing systems using the command:-

    grep broadcast /etc/tcp

    If the value after the word broadcast is of the form nnn.0.0.0 then you should alter you new broadcast address to all 0s.

  4. To free up interrupt 3 or 4 (normally used by the sio driver) for use with your chosen Ethernet card use the command
    ./configure -c -d -m 5 -v 3 OR ./configure -c -d -m 5 -v 4

    as appropriate, after moving into the directory /usr/sys/conf.

  5. If you are adding the second card to an existing single card configuration you have to run for example 'mkdev wdn' and select d to delete the configuration first of all. Then do 'mkdev wdn' again, select i to install and after the first card (wdn0) is set up you will be given the choice of setting up the second card (wdn1). Therefore, make sure you know the hardware settings of the both cards before you start.
  6. SCO Xenix TCP/IP requires SCO Streams (product code SS46830, RRP 95.00).



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