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Apricot AL720



Range Overview

Computers for a Connected World

Standard Features and Benefits

Technical Specifications

  • Intel Pentium II 266MHz Processor
  • 48MB SDRAM
  • 4.0GB Ultra DMA/33 Hard Disk Drive
  • 512KB L2 Cache
  • Superb high resolution, 1024 x 768,
    14.2" TFT colour screen
  • Swappable 24x (max) CD-ROM drive and
    1.44MB floppy-disk drive
  • USB port for peripheral devices such as scanners, keyboards, printers and joy-stick
  • Latest PCMCIA CardBus technology for system expansion
  • Quality SoundBlaster Pro compatibility with built-in stereo speakers and microphone
  • Zoom Video support for multimedia options
  • IrDA 1.1 Infra Red port for easy cable free data transfer
  • Easy to use Touchpad pointing device for precision and accuracy
  • Slim and lightweight system unit only 39mm (1.53 inches)
  • Unlimited Internet access for 12 months*
  • 56k Modem

Range Overview
At Mitsubishi, we have a habit of re-defining standards in every field. We did it for servers. We did it for desktop connectivity. Now we're doing it for notebooks. The Apricot AL range of notebooks set new standards in specification, performance, ergonomics and value for money, with the choice of either Pentium 233MHz MMX processing and a 13.3" XGA TFT screen on the AL700, or a Pentium II 266MHz processor and a 14.2" screen on the AL720.

Standing just 39mm high and backed by 48MB of SDRAM as standard, plus a 512KB L2 cache and up to 4MB of video RAM. Believe it these machines fly.

And they look as good as they go, with the 13.3" or 14.2" screens capable of 1024 x 768 with 64k colours providing superb viewing areas. There's even output and support
for PAL TV.

Storage is handled by an Ultra DMA hard disk drive, whilst the swappable CD-ROM drive, SoundBlaster compatible sound and built-in speaker and microphone complete the multimedia line-up. And all of this weighing in at just 2.9kg fully configured

AL700 AL720
  • 233MHz Pentium processor with MMX™ technology
  • 3.2GB
  • 2MB VRAM
  • 13.3" TFT XGA colour screen
  • 266MHz Pentium II processor
  • 4.0GB
  • 4MB VRAM
  • 14.2" TFT XGA colour screen


Computers for a Connected World

But it wouldn't be a Mitsubishi if it didn't also offer market-leading connectivity. All Apricot notebooks come with the added bonus of Mitsubishi's Internet Advantage Client Unlimited option containing the latest 56k modem with
12 months unlimited access to the Internet. Giving access
to e-mail and the Internet on the move.

Internet Advantage Client Unlimited includes:

  • Easy install manager with fax
  • Unlimited Internet access for 12 months*
  • Five hosted web pages
  • Unlimited e-mail addresses
  • Your company's addition to the business directory listing
  • Membership of the Mitsubishi Business Club

To complete the connectivity line up you can also add high bandwidth networking to your notebook allowing you to take advantage of Fast Ethernet networks.

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Standard Features and Benefits
Intel Mobile Pentium II
The mobile Pentium II processor brings a new level of performance and computing capabilities not previously available to mobile PC users. Pentium II processor-based mobile PCs deliver the performance required to run today's most advanced applications and provide the headroom to meet the performance demands of future versions of operating systems.

The mobile Pentium II processor delivers the advanced performance capabilities of the P6 micro architecture whilst meeting the unique power consumption and size requirements of mobile PCs. The mobile Pentium II processor is available in an innovative "mini-cartridge" package, which contains the processor core and closely coupled 512K
level 2 cache. The mini-cartridge is about one-fourth the weight, one-sixth the size and consumes two-thirds of the power of the Pentium II processor desktop Single Edge Connector (SEC) cartridge, making it well-suited for today's broad range of mobile PCs.

Powerful Performance
Packed with powerful performance features the Apricot AL720 has a superb 48MB SDRAM providing higher performance levels than traditional Fast Page RAM. In addition the DIMM format allows flexible upgrade paths.

The 4.0GB Ultra DMA/33 hard disk drive adds to the system's overall performance, doubling transfer speeds over traditional Fast ATA hard drives. A massive 512KB L2 cache completes the configuration line up.

Superb High Resolution Colour TFT Screens
The vibrant 14.2" SVGA TFT colour screens, 1024 x 768 with 64k colours, demonstrates the latest in mobile screen technology, allowing the user to create and display stunning presentations on the move. In fact the large picture clarity of the AL720 makes it the ideal desktop alternative. For larger audiences, a PAL TV out socket enables any presentation to be displayed on a conventional TV.

Amazing Multimedia
Fully equipped with all that is necessary for multimedia, the Apricot AL720 comes with a CD-ROM drive (24x max) that can be conveniently swapped with the 1.44MB floppy disk drive or used simultaneously when plugged into the back
of the notebook

Floppy.gif (13718 bytes)The quality  SoundBlaster Pro compatible audio is complimented by built-in stereo speakers and a microphone for mobile sound. Headphone, microphone and audio in / out sockets are provided for external audio devices.

With Zoom Video available for multimedia peripherals it is possible to display full motion video on the high impact 14.2" TFT screen without slowing down system performance. For example, a portion of the display can be used as a video window without slowing down other application programs that may be running at the same time

Interfaces and Expandability
The Apricot AL720 includes the latest PCMCIA CardBus technology providing 2 x Type II or 1 x Type III slots. A USB port for devices such as scanners, keyboards, printers and joy-sticks provide increased peripheral choice, and an industry standard IrDA 1.1 Infra red port enables cable free data transfer.

12 Months Free Internet Access*
In the true spirit of Mitsubishi's 'Computers For A Connected World' philosophy the Apricot AL720 notebook is offered as a truly Internet ready machine with a 56k modem, 12 months free Internet access, and the provision of 5 WWW pages for your business. Giving you the opportunity to exploit the full business advantages of these astounding new technologies irrespective of the size of your organisation.

All in a Stylish Casing .....
Thin and lightweight, the Apricot AL720 weighs in at only 2.9kg fully configured in an impressive casing standing only 39mm high, 315mm wide and 246mm deep. A standard layout keyboard with full size keys and an easy to use Touchpad pointing device for precision and accuracy complete this winning specification.

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Technical Specifications . . .
The Intel inside logo and Pentium are registered trademarks and MMX is a trademark of Intel Corporation.


Computing for a Connected World