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Apricot FT5000
Enterprise server - the next generation

Apricot FT5000


System Overview

Features & Benefits

Technical Specifications

  • Up to four Pentium® II Xeon™ Processors
  • Up to 4GB ECC Protected Memory
  • Dual PCI Peer Bus Architecture
  • Rack Mountable
  • High Performance RAID Subsystem
  • Dual LVDS & Ultra Narrow Controllers
  • I2O ready
  • Hot Plug N+1 Redundant Power Supply
  • Integrated out of band Server Management
  • UK Built

Intel Pentium® II Xeon(tm)

System Overview
The FT5000 from Mitsubishi Electric represents the next generation of mission critical servers, reaching new heights in performance levels for demanding network applications, transaction processing and line of business applications.

This server also boasts a number of high resiliency features, including clustering support as standard, to not only increase productivity but to also ensure your valuable data remains available and intact, giving your business a competitive edge.

Processing Power
Available processing power is the essence of the FT5000.

The system board houses single, dual or quad Pentium® II Xeon™ processors which offer the raw power and scalability to fit the needs of every application. Peer bus architecture ensures that network traffic and the LVDS (80mb/s) drive system have independent data busses so system bottlenecks are avoided. All this power, coupled with the ability to support up to 4GB of memory, means that this server is at home in even the most demanding network environment.

High Availability
No matter how powerful a server is, it needs to be equally equipped with data integrity features. The FT5000 meets this requirement by offering a redundant 'hot-swap'

power supply allowing PSU failures to be replaced quickly and easily without interruption to the system. Internal drives also support this 'hot-swap' facility, along with a high performance RAID subsystem to protect data. Warm standby network cards ensure continuous connection to the network, whilst a full set of redundant fans keep the system from overheating in the event of a failure.

The FT5000 also has innovative support for 'fail-over' clustering as standard. By supporting both an external SCSI in and SCSI out connector, the internal drive channels of two FT5000 servers may be shared, this allows basic cluster support without any additional hardware cost.

Systems Management
Integrated server management allows total control of the server, with both 'in band' and 'out of band' management supported as standard.

Onboard controllers constantly monitor the condition of the server hardware, reporting back to the software such information as system voltages, temperatures, component degradation, fan speed and intrusion status.

Management software is taken care of with the fully featured and easy to use ISC software (DMI and SNMP compliant), supported under Microsoft Management Console™*,

HP Openview™, CA Unicentre™ or through a standard Internet browser. This allows the FT5000 to seamlessly integrate into virtually any managed network infrastructure with minimum effort and maximum versatility.

The FT5000 also supports an innovative EMP (emergency management port) facility, that allows secure, remote dial up access, via an external modem*, even in the event of a complete systems failure. The server can then be interrogated for component failure or rebooted and restarted without the need for an onsite visit.

This level of control and manageability, all supplied as standard, keeps the server up and running more often and more conveniently allowing you to concentrate on your core business.

Computers for a Connected World
The Apricot FT series is designed for a connected world. Multiple connectivity options ensure that the business advantages of Internet, Intranet and Extranet technologies can be fully exploited, allowing greater productivity and communications regardless of the size of your organisation. With integrated ethernet, high-speed modem and ISDN options all optimised to give simple, but effective connectivity to your local area network, or even further afield to the World Wide Web, the electronic network that spans the globe.


Features & Benefits
The Power of Pentium® II Xeon™ Processors
The FT5000 has to capacity to support up to four processors on the system board. Powerful 400MHz processors are used, fitted with 1MB of level 2 cache to deliver exceptional performance in even the most demanding environment. Pentium® II Xeon™ processors have been engineered to offer the very highest levels of performance to today's critical applications ensuring your business benefits from the highest levels of productivity.

High Performance Expansion Bus Architecture
For maximum system throughput, the FT5000 uses two PCI expansion buses running in parallel ­ 'Peer Bus' architecture.

This allows networks cards to be installed on one PCI bus whilst drive controllers utilise another, ensuring that no system bottlenecks occur, even in the most demanding environments.


Expandable memory
The FT5000 can address a total memory capacity of up to 4GB in 16 slots, using ECC DIMM's for high performance and error correction. 4-way interleaving is also supported, further enhancing overall system performance by up to 15%

N+1 Redundant Power Supply
The redundant power supply can support up to 3 hot plug modules, each supplying 400W. The two modules fitted as standard are enough to power the system in the most demanding configuration, which means an extra module can be added for resilience against failure. And because all power modules are hot swappable, a faulty unit can be replaced quickly and easily without interruption to service.

Floor Standing or Rack mountable
Designed for use in any virtually environment, the FT5000 is available as a floor standing unit or with a 19" rack mount option. The 19" Mitsubishi rack is an ideal enclosure where manageability and space efficiency are key and gives maximum flexibility when planning your IT infrastructure.

Technical Specifications . . .
The Intel inside logo and Pentium are registered trademarks and MMX is a trademark of Intel Corporation.


Computing for a Connected World