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Xenix - Unix I.P.B. 3128 10th July 1992 (PW)
Department Category Implementation
Xenix Advisory
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Bulletin Board and Email Services

Due to an increasing demand for disk manufacture, the Technical Support department is now levying a small charge to those organisations unable to make use of the free Bulletin Board Services. In order to aid use of the on-line systems a brief summary is given below for UNIX dealerships. Two systems are available which are both maintained with the latest SCO fixes.

MS-DOS Bulletin Board

All standard UNIX files are in file area 39, authorised updates such as new releases of the Server Environment pack are in area 56. Some UNIX utilities are also available including a system monitor, on-line Apricot pricelist and IPBs and the Specialix MS-DOS sitest program.

UNIX Front End Server

This machine is the main electronic mail gateway to Apricot from which all personnel can be reached via mail. Once a mail connection has been established we can send out IPBs, SCO supplements and utilities in this way. The UNIX server has a directory structure below /usr/spool/uuinfo where SCO Supplements, utilities such as the pricelist and other UNIX/Xenix specific files are maintained. Owing to the automated capabilities of the UNIX Front End server with its integral electronic mail facilities it is the preferred connection mechanism for UNIX/Xenix dealers.

Some utilities such as the UNIX System Monitor are only available from one of the two systems above and will not be sent out on disk. We are currently reviewing automated mail servers to enable dealers to request files by mail with the info-server returning them the requested file via mail.



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