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Xenix - Unix I.P.B. 3127 29th May 1992 (PW)
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Unix Firmware On Failure
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Apricot MCA machines and Software Forge X.25 cards

A problem has come to light which manifests itself primarily when Software Forge X.25 controllers are installed in our MCA systems. A solution to this problem has been provided by Software Forge and involves the replacement of the PAL in IC34 for Revision 9 or earlier of this controller.

Original Release: HWFMC2I 1.1 (controller revision 9 or earlier)
Revised Release: HWF-MC2I V1.2 (controller revision 10 or later)

If the original release firmware is fitted this can be upgraded by contacting Software Forge Technical Support on 0734-312477. Software Forge will make a small charge if anyone wishes the upgrade to be carried out by returning the card but will for small quantities supply the PAL chip free.

Please note the Software Forge card is Apricot's preferred solution for X.25 environments.



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