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Building on Mitsubishi Electric's tradition of excellence and innovation in Servers, the FT2200 brought Pentium Pro processing power to the business critical departmental server. Exceptional performance at a budget price is delivered by the FT2200 using the Intel Pentium Pro, and backed up with an Ultra SCSI disk subsystem to deliver "real world" peak performance. The FT2200 took departmental desk-side servers one step beyond previous generations of servers, featuring Pentium Pro SMP technology, Ultrawide-SCSI, intelligent RAID storage and mains protection to deliver the power, control and reliability essential for both traditional file and print servers and departmental applications.

Bus Architecture PCI and EISA
Processor Single Pentium Pro 200MHz, 256KByte cache
Video On-board PCI Cirrus Logic GD5429 1MB DRAM
Memory Up to 1GB ECC
Floppy Disk Drive 3.5" 1.44MB
Hard Disk Drive Eight 3.5" Hard Disk Drive Bays
CD-ROM Drive SCSI CD-ROM drive fitted
Power Supply 420W switched mode
I/O Peripheral Ports 2 serial, 1 x 9 pin, 1 x 25 pin, 1 parallel, keyboard, mouse
Expansion Slots 5 x PCI Local Bus, 2 EISA full length, 1 shared
Disk Controller Ultra-SCSI controller (Adaptec 7880)

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