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The Apricot FT2400 is Mitsubishi Electric's latest mid-range server. Its powerful and highly expandable with a build quality second to none. The FT2400 now adds comprehensive server management facilities to build a server which doesn't compromise on features, price or performance. If you're looking for Pentium Pro or Pentium II processors, Ultra-Wide SCSI, high performance disks, RAID subsystems and resilient PSUs for real data integrity, then look no further than the Apricot FT2400. The Apricot FT2400 delivers enterprise system attributes in a mid-range server.

Further Items
Motherboard Layout Buckeye, Madrona
BIOS Revision Summary Buckeye
Parts List Buckeye, Madrona
Product Datasheet Buckeye, Madrona
Owner's Handbooks, etc.
Product Code prefixes UG - Buckeye
UH - Madrona
Bus Architecture PCI and EISA
Processor Buckeye - Intel Pentium Pro 200MHz, Dual Processor Support
Madrona - Intel Pentium II 300MHz, Dual Processor Support
Video On-board PCI Cirrus Logic GD54M40
Memory 32MB Supplied, upto 512MB or 1GB Onboard RAM
Floppy Disk Drive 3.5" 1.44MB
Hard Disk Drives 3.5" half height Hot Plug drive bays - 5 (standard), 10 (max)
CD-ROM Drive 8 or 16 speed CD-ROM drive fitted
Power Supply N+1 Redundant Power Supply
Up to 3 modules, each supplying 300W or 360W
Optional UPS
I/O Peripheral Ports  2 x 9 pin serial, 1 parallel, keyboard, mouse
Expansion Slots 5 or 7 x PCI Local Bus, 1 shared PCI/EISA
Disk Controller Ultra-Wide SCSI controller
Optional High Performance SmartRAID

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