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The Apricot FT600 has been designed specifically for those businesses that require power, performance, expandability and reliability on a small budget. Originally powered by the Intel PentiumŪ processor with MMX™ technology and later by the powerful Pentium II, the FT600 is backed up by high performance hard drives and SDRAM support, ensuring that this machine can comfortably cope with today’s demanding software applications.

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Motherboard Layout Spitfire, Lightning
Motherboard Revision History Spitfire, Lightning
Motherboard Revision Summary Spitfire, Lightning
BIOS Revision Summary Spitfire, Lightning
Parts List Spitfire, Lightning
Product Datasheet Spitfire & Lightning
Owner's Handbooks, etc.
Product Code prefix EA - Spitfire
EB - Lightning
Bus Architecture PCI / ISA
Processor Spitfire - 200 MHz Pentium with MMX™ technology
Lightning - 233 MHz Pentium II
Video Spitfire - On-board PCI Cirrus Logic GD54M40
Lightning - ATI 3D Rage Pro AGP, 2MB SGRAM
Memory 32MB SDRAM supplied
256MB max. (Spitfire)
384MB max. (Lightning)
Floppy Disk Drive 3.5" 1.44MB
Hard Disk Drives 3.2GB E-IDE
CD-ROM Drive 12 - 24 speed depending on model
Power Supply 200W with optional UPS
I/O Peripheral Ports  2 x 9 pin 'D' type, 1 parallel, keyboard, mouse
Expansion Slots 3 x PCI Local Bus, 4 x ISA, 2 shared PCI/EISA
Disk Controller Ultra DMA/33 interface

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