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FT//ex (J3 & M5 Motherboards)

This mid-range file server from Apricot was designed as a high-performance workgroup or departmental server. The FT//ex 1000 can be supplied with RAID & hot-swap backplane. An Uninterruptible Power Supply is standard on FT//ex 1500.

Model featured above is the FT//ex 1500.
Further Items
Motherboard Layout J3, M5
Motherboard Revision History
Motherboard Revision Summary
BIOS Revision Summary J3, M5
Parts List
Parts Identification
EISA Configuration Utility
Product Datasheets FT//ex, FT//ex 1000, FT//ex 1500
Owner's Handbooks, etc.
Product Code prefixes
UB FT//ex 486 (J3)
UC FT//ex Pentium (J3)
UD FT//ex 1000 Pentium (M5)
UE FT//ex 1500 Pentium (M5)
Bus Architecture EISA
Processor Intel 80486DX2-66 (FT//ex only)
Intel Pentium 60, Pentium 90
Intel Pentium 120 (FT//ex 1500 only)
Video ISA or VL Bus Card - VGA/SVGA/EVGA
Memory 8MB to 256MB On-board
Floppy Disk Drive 3.5" Internal
Hard Disk Drive 525MB to 5GB (via on-board SCSI)
Drive Expansion 8 x 3.5" tray-type drive bay modules
Networking Choice of Ehternet or Token Ring options
Security Case lock, password control, user config, options for boot device and floppy disable.
Expansion Options Internal Tape Drives
FT//ex 8 EISA slots, including 7 bus master (slots 4 and 5 have VL bus extension)
FT//ex 1000 3 free EISA, 2 PCI, 1 shared PCI/EISA
RAID controller, UPS power supply

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