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The Apricot Shogun set a new standard in network super-servers. Its 133 or 166MHz Pentium processor can be delivered in single, dual or quad forms, coupled with a disk subsystem containing up to twenty hard disk drives with optional three channel RAID controller. An integral rugged UPS and System Management software are standard items.

Bus Architecture PCI / EISA
Processor Intel Pentium 133 or 166 (single, dual, quad)
External Cache 512KB to 1MB
Memory 32MB to 768MB
Floppy Disk Drive 3.5" Internal
Hard Disk Drive 1GB to 80GB (via Fast Wide SCSI II)
Hard Disk Drive Bays  up to 20 x 3.5" Hot-pluggable
CD-ROM Drive Quad speed (684KB/s transfer rate)
Graphics (standard) Cirrus Logic GD5424
Power Supply 850W with integral UPS
I/O Peripheral Ports 2 serial, 1 parallel, keyboard, mouse
Expansion Slots 2 x PCI, 2 x shared PCI/EISA, 4 x EISA
Disk Controller SCSI II expansion board
RAID controller

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