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Mitsubishi Electric's PC Division produced the definitive high performance Enterprise server. Now, we have brought that expertise into the entry-level server market to deliver a truly exceptional server: the Apricot FT1200. This is a mini tower server that has been engineered and designed from the ground up as a real server. Pentium Pro or Pentium II processors deliver excellent performance, backed up by an Ultra-Wide SCSI disk subsystem with high performance drives. All this performance is balanced with the need for data integrity, with optional RAID and a Smart-UPS power supply to keep your data intact.

Further Items
Motherboard Layout PCL6000, DK440LX
Motherboard Revision History PCL6000
Motherboard Revision Summary PCL6000
BIOS Revision History PCL6000, DK440LX
Uninterruptible Power Supply
Parts List PCL6000, DK440LX
FT1200 Facts, Tips and Tricks PCL6000, DK440LX
Product Datasheet PCL6000, DK440LX
Owner's Handbooks, etc.
Product Code prefixes GA - FT1200 (PCL6000)
GB - FT1200 (DK440LX)
Bus Architecture PCI / ISA
Processor Intel Pentium Pro processor - PCL6000
Intel Pentium II processor - DK440LX
Video PCI SVGA graphics adapter - PCL6000
ATI Mach64 VT PCI - DK440LX
Memory 32 - 192MB ECC DIMM - PCL6000
32 - 512MB SDRAM DIMM - DK440LX
Floppy Disk Drive 3.5" Internal
Hard Disk Drive 2GB Ultra-Wide SCSI - PCL6000
4GB or 9GB Ultra-Wide SCSI - DK440LX
Networking PCI 3C900 triple combo card - PCL6000
Intel Pro 100B - DK440LX
Security Case locks
Expansion Options  5* Expansion Slots
* 2 slots shared PCI/ISA 

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